Dance, Find Joy And Heal

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Wu Tao Dance combines powerful music, calming meditation and energising dance in one unique exercise that is practiced by thousands across the globe.

The true healing power of Wu Tao Dance Therapy lies in its accessibility; anyone can practice it.

The balancing movements are dynamic yet flowing and easy to follow, meaning there is no stress on any part of your body.

Through grace, energy and authentic self-expression, Wu Tao Dance will help restore balance and joy to your life.

The true healing power of wu tao dance therapy lies in the Idea that Anyone can Practice It.

Meet michelle

founder – instructor

Back in 2001, Michelle Locke, an Australian ballet dancer, therapist and registered nurse surrendered herself to the complexities of life. When her second daughter, Isabelle, was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, Michelle resisted the pain and truth of her situation. She became sick with worry and was out of balance in all aspects of her life … until she embraced fear and sought healing.

Michelle knew she wasn’t the only person experiencing the hardships of life, so armed with a background in dance and Traditional Chinese Medicine, she began research into how she could use it for healing.

It was here the perfect interplay of her studies and passion for dance, Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine, that Wu Tao was born.

Michelle is well-respected in both dance and natural health for her expertise, innovation and integrity.

Meet steve

Music composer

Steve Richter began his love affair with music when he was just 3 years old. With a Bachelor of Arts in Music from West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), and plenty of prestigious musical stints under his belt, Steve is well-known for the transformative power of his music. He is a founding member of Perth Percussion group, Tetrafide, as well as highly regarded for his work as an instrumentalist and composer in numerous Australian music groups.

Through combining his musical knowledge with his deep spirituality, Steve joined forces with Michelle to create an inspiring and diverse selection of music specifically scored for each of the Wu Tao element dances. Working closely with Michelle, Steve gracefully and eloquently expresses the mood and emotion of each Wu Tao sequence.

Meet Sheonaigh

Director – Instructor

Sheonaigh Rennie has been a part of the Wu Tao family for over 10 years, running a thriving practice in Auckland, New Zealand for three years before relocating to Australia.

Sheonaigh’s greatest passion lies in helping people with big hearts and even bigger ideas live an empowered life in her practice as a Career Coach at My Career Rhythms and Wu Tao Director and Trainer in Australia.

It is here Sheonaigh gets to combine her passion and belief in the Wu Tao mission, with her business experience to train our Instructors in how to build their own successful business and change lives through the Wu Tao Way.

What People Say

I decided to do the Wu Tao retreat months ago in which time my life circumstances changed dramatically, meaning I didn’t commit to go until a few days before it started. But so so glad I did! What a wonderful, inspiring, varied, relaxing and energising experience! The venue was stunning with a magnificent view over the ocean from the dance studio and the rooms. The retreat was a perfect balance of personal space with dance, meditation and social time.  Michelle your teachings were gentle, light yet also very deep.  I feel sooo much better than when I first arrived. Clear headed, healthy and relaxed in body, heart and spirit. Thank you!


I turned to Wu Tao because I needed to dance again and because I know it allows my mind, spirit and soul to dance. I knew Wu Tao would help me find my centre and get grounded. Wu Tao retreats have been beautifully relaxing and allowed me to just be. I feel able to return to my everyday life feeling more myself and better able to respond to what’s going on around and within me.


I love the experience of dancing with the group – and a bonus is finding kindred spirits among my fellow dancers. I leave the classes feeling relaxed and at the same time energised. Wu Tao is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time and I hope I will continue to dance till the end of my days in this body.


Thank you for creating such a gentle yet empowering space for self reflection and growth. It has been a week of deep transition and transformation in the most fun and loving way! The group support and the freedom to be alone was the perfect balance. The atmosphere at Pondok Pisang allowed the flow of the class and life to be uplifted to a heightened vibration. I am so grateful for the gift of Wu Tao dance and look forward to sharing it with others.

Ka’ale Sea

Thank you for the gift of Wu Tao. My heart is singing, I feel showered with blessings of connection & love and have come home with momentum & a deep desire to share my depth for the greater good. I very much look forward to teaching these beautiful dances. Blessings to the Wu Tao Community.


Thank you so much for the Instructors Intensive, it was a great blend of instructor training, transformation process work and personal retreat. I truly enjoyed and benefited a lot from being at such a beautiful place with such a lovely bunch of people and exploring Life through Wu Tao.