Exploring dance as a therapy for symptoms and social interaction in a dementia care unit


Debbie Duignan BA Hons, RMN, Lynne Hedley RN, BSc Health services ¹, Rachael Milverton² ¹ Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service (DBMAS), Alzheimer’s Australia WA. ²4th year undergraduate BSc (Occupational Therapy), Curtin University of Technology.


D Duignan et al, (2009), Dance as a therapy in dementia Care “Wu Tao”.

There have been many debates over time regarding the use of some of the atypical antipsychotic drugs in the management of agitation in dementia care. Much research has been conducted in the area surrounding psycho social interventions, with dance therapy being one of them. We will suggest that a mixture of dance therapy and meditation is a treatment that can be incorporated in to the lives of older people, with benefits that can enhance the lives of all involved.

This article addresses the practical issues of Wu Tao, and attempts to break down the beliefs that psycho social interventions are not effective in Dementia Care.

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