Anni Gemell

Avalon NSW

Class Timetable
Saturday Mornings 8 30am to 9 30am.
Beginners come at 8am (please call me to book in for the beginner’s session)
Avalon Recreation Centre, Old Barrenjoey Rd, Avalon Beach. NSW
Mobile No. 0408 913 585

Anni Says

Wu Tao  Dancing has been a wonderful part of my life for more than ten years.  It has restored my health, enhanced my flexibility, strength, spiritual growth, joy, passion and peace of mind.  These are the wholistic gifts of Wu Tao and I teach this therapy to share these benefits with others, to create community and healing and to enable me to continue to deepen my own experiences.

I began dance training when I was five years old and it has continued all my life in the form of classical and contemporary ballet, primitive dance, yoga and pilates.  Movement brings me freedom of soul, especially when accompanied by music and has always been a treasured part of my life.

I began my working life as an architect and then a then yacht designer. Motherhood  helped me discover my true calling and I retrained to become a teacher in my mid thirties.  I am a Mother and a Grandmother, but first and foremost I am a teacher.

annig3My greatest joy and spiritual growth came over the twenty years I have spent as a Steiner  teacher.  Working with young children is such a joy as our eyes reawaken to the wonder of the world when we see the world through the eyes of children.  These years have also reawakened the playfulness of spirit within me.

I am passionate about reconnecting all of us to nature, about building health and strength through living with the rhythm of the seasons and through connecting to the healing forces abundantly available to us from the Heavens and from the Earth and the natural world around us.  As human beings we are a bridge between Heaven and Earth.  Yin and Yang forces work through us, through our work in the world , through our creativity and through our relationships.  Wu Tao helps us strengthen this consciousness. 

Wu Tao is more than a dance, it is a therapy that brings us home to our bodies and frees our muscle memory of unconscious embedded emotions.  It is a healing, moving meditation that brings us to a place of joy and deep peace.   For me, this spiritual practice has become a way of life.

It brings me great joy to share this practice.  Please feel welcome to join in our class.