Singapore 11 & 12 February 2017

Need to De-stress and Come Back into Balance?

What do we mean by “Back to Balance’?

Let me explain…..

Health as defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO), is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing.

If we are honest with ourselves, we know that this state fluctuates. It’s not a static thing - to be healthy. Sometimes everything goes well. We are able to eat right, maintain physical fitness and stay emotionally and mentally balanced. However, often one or more of our states of being is out of balance. 

We know that all aspects of one’s self must be in harmony to be well and happy. We need to be emotionally resilient, physically healthy and mentally stable.

So let me ask you a few questions:


Where are you out of balance?

Are you suffering from any physical symptoms?

If so, do they impact on your quality of life?

Do you suffer from anxiety or depression?

Do you worry a lot?

Do you feel over-whelmed and stressed in your life?

These are all signs that your system is out of balance

This is where we can help

The Wu Tao Back to Balance Retreat will give you a place to bring your precious self back to balance physically, emotionally and spiritually.

You are more than your work, career and family commitments.

You are a divine human being whose natural state is one of vibrant physical energy, joyful happiness and inner peace.

Wu Tao can help you remember this and bring yourself back into alignment at every level.

Based on the ancient effective health system of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wu Tao uses beautiful flowing dance movements to stimulate the Qi flow in your body and bring you back to balance.

The results will be felt at every level of your being.

  • Physically you will have more energy, less pain, improved flexibility and more strength.
  • Emotionally you will gain the ability to move through life with equanimity, calmness and grace.
  • Mentally you will come to understand you are not your thoughts and reduce the volume on your ‘chatterbox mind’. You will do this through the realisation of who you truly are. A divine spiritual human being.

Are You Ready for More Peace and Balance in your Life?

Step through the Door!

At the Retreat You Will

  • Have ample time to reflect on your own state of being and start the healing process of transformation.
  • Learn the 5 Core Element dances to balance your Qi.
    The dances of Air, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth will stimulate the life force energy through your organs and meridian system.
  • Be introduced to the advanced Tao and Surrender dances. These two dances are designed to reconnect you to the Source of all energy and your spiritual core.
  • Experience powerful meditations that will have you blissing out in a deep state of inner peace and joy.
  • Take home a spiritual practice that you can use for the rest of your life to bring you back to balance whenever you need it.
  • Gain a supportive community of like-minded new friends to dance with.  A place where you can be yourself, celebrate and share the many facets of life’s journey.

Your Host for the Retreat - Michelle Locke

It would be my absolute joy and pleasure to serve you over this weekend! You see, I believe one hundred percent in the healing power of dance and music especially Wu Tao!

As a former dancer, I know how important it is to have a space to express oneself and feel beautiful! Over the years, I have studied many healing therapies and I continually come back to power of dance to heal both the body and mind. I dance Wu Tao for myself and have done since I created it fifteen years ago. I believe it has helped me to deal with life's many challenges AND kept me physically fit and emotionally healthy.

I invite you to join me for this powerful healing retreat. I promise to hold your hand all the way and provide you with a supportive and gentle space to come back into balance"


Previous Retreat Participants Say......

What You'll Gain From Attending this Retreat....

  • Peace....A deep feeling of calm inner peace...Blissful!

    Peace of mind is a difficult thing to come by in our busy world, but you will find that Wu Tao will take you to peace quite quickly. Not only that but you can take this away with you!

  • Reduced Symptoms of Anxiety and Stress

    The retreat will bring you home to your Self. This Self knows without question, that there is truly nothing to worry about in the present moment. You want this right?

  • A Renewed Sense of Clarity and Purpose

    This retreat will help you clear out the emotional and mental dross from your system. All of a sudden you will remember what’s important to you. Your purpose and direction in life is much easier to understand when you are in a clear head space.

  • A Vibrant Energised Painfree Physical Body

    The dances free up Qi or Life Force energy in the body. When Qi is flowing and no longer stagnant or blocked, you have more energy. Your body will feel more flexible, stronger  and I am sure you will appreciate having less physical pain.

  • A Wonderful Supportive Community of New Friends

    Wu Tao attracts gorgeous people. You will most likely find that people you meet here will become fast friends and long-term dance buddies.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it Cost to Attend the Retreat?

A. Your investment to attend the complete retreat is $700. This includes all the Wu Tao workshops, delicious meals throughout your stay, and comfortable twin share accommodation with ensuite bathroom.

Q. Where is the Montfort Retreat Centre?

A. The Montfort Retreat Centre is in Boys Town. The address is 622 Upper Bukit Timah Road Singapore. It's easy to access via car or public transport.

Q. I haven’t done Wu Tao before, can I join these workshops? 

A. Absolutely YES!  If you haven’t done Wu Tao before, this retreat will be a wonderful introduction to Wu Tao which we hope will turn into a life long passion for you. It will teach you the 5 core dances and introduce the Tao and Surrender dances. It will also give you a supportive space to explore your inner world and discover what you need to restore your health and well-being. You will learn how to maintain peace and balance into your life through processes taught in the retreat.


Q. I’ve been doing Wu Tao for some time. Will this retreat be too basic for me?

A. Absolutely NO.  This retreat will give you the opportunity to refine your dance practice and deepen into the philosophy of Wu Tao while giving yourself some well-earned time-out to refocus and energise.


Q. I have some physical issues and I’m not sure if I can do all the movements. Will that be a problem?

A. No.  Wu Tao is very gentle and all the dance movements are easily adaptable to suit your needs.  Just make sure you let Michelle know so she can help you with any modification you require.


Q. I am feeling really off track and stressed in my life, will this retreat be any use to me?

A. If you are looking for a way to get back on track and reduce the stress in your life, this retreat will definitely help.  If you continue your dance practice at home your stress levels should decrease even more over time.


Q. What do I Need to Bring to the Retreat?

A. You will need comfortable clothes to dance in, a notebook, coloured pencils or crayons, and your beautiful self.



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