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15 Ways to Help you Deal with S*** in your Life

We all have it going on, because well, that’s life! Sh** happens to the best of us! So what is SH**? Sh** is anything you deem to be Sh**, which basically means if something triggers you to feel bad in anyway, you can probably call it Sh**.

So how to deal with Sh**?  Ok here goes.


1). First of all recognise that while all Sh** is Sh**, there isn’t anything that you, as an amazing human being can’t deal with. You have all the resources within you to move through, process, survive and flourish with everything that life throws at you.


2). Don’t waste time defending, denying or resisting the Sh** coming towards you. That doesn’t mean you can’t dodge it or come up with some ingenious way to let it pass you by without ruining your outfit.


3). Don’t take the Sh** personally. Like, don’t waste your thoughts on ‘why me?’  or ‘What did I do to make this happen to me?’ Instead take a good long look at the Sh**. What is interesting about it? Notice what you feel about it without resisting it’s presence in your life. Is there something in this pile of Sh** that sparks a deeper thought? Look at the sh** carefully but do it from a detached approach. It’s only sh**. It doesn’t have teeth. It won’t bite you.


4). At this point you may notice that the Sh** doesn’t seem to stink so much, in fact it’s form has changed into something else. You don’t quite know what it is right now, but it doesn’t look like or smell like Sh**. Watch it carefully!


5). So now you have something else. You’re still not enamoured with it, but at least it’s not Sh**. So here’s what to do now. Hold it in your hands. That’s right, grasp it but not too tightly. Just tightly enough so you can feel it. Notice it’s colour, shape and form. Does it frighten you? Do you feel angry or sad or anxious?


6). Look at it and say quietly and gently to it, it’s ok we’ve got this. We you ask? Who the hell is we?


7). We is You and Life. They are really one and the same thing, but we tend to think the mystery ONE is outside of us. That’s an illusion. But stating WE, will reinforce to your subconscious that you are in cahoots with something – the greater force. Call it what you like. Call it Life, God, Qi, Creator whatever. Just say WE.


8). Now here comes the big action. RELAX! Just do it. You can because you know it’s all ok in the bigger scheme of things. Just take a breath in and out and RELAX. Let go of the tension in your body. Let go of the tension in your belly. Breath out your fear and anger and anxiety.


9). Now affirm to yourself ‘I am safe, I am loved. I am supported’ and open yourself completely to the something in your life that was previously Sh**.


10). Stand up. Feel the Strength in your belly. Maintain a neutral position. Take some more deep breaths and ask yourself “What is the best way for me respond to this something?”


11). Listen, watch and feel for a response in your body/mind/heart.


12). If nothing comes, breath and wait.


13). When something comes respond accordingly.


14). There! You did it! You successfully transformed Sh** into a beautiful growth experience. You faced it. You embraced it. You turned Sh** into a blossom. That is your power.


15). Now rinse and repeat. Because my dear friend there will be many more opportunities this life-time to demonstrate this power. Everything that comes towards us is a gift to grow into more of who we are. There’s no denying the Sh**. That just causes pain and suffering. Because it stops the flow of life!! So go a few more rounds. You’ll gain mastership and life will become a flowing, joyful exciting ride no matter what you encounter. Congratulations you have graduated to the next level.


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