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3 Spiritual Practices to help you through the Up and Down

So how has your 2017 been my dear? Mine has been one of ups and downs which was a surprise really! I wasn’t expecting so many challenges (otherwise known as learning opportunities) to show up! I’ve grown a lot and the ‘learning experiences’ have forced me to ‘bunker down’ and do my spiritual inner work more than ever before. I won’t bore you with the details but I would like to share some of what I’ve learned, and the practices that have kept me deepening into truth through it all.

What we see is only the tip of the iceberg.

We think we ‘know’, but mostly we don’t. There are forces at work in our lives that we are completely unaware of. That’s why it’s so important to surrender to a higher power (which I call Qi or Life) as much as possible. There is part of our mind that is in alignment with Life. We need to go there as often as possible. This means giving up what we think is going on. It means surrendering our judgements, fears and pain and trusting that Life has our back. Life equals peace, joy and happiness because that is who we are. I hold this thought in my mind as often as I can to help me feel peace in the centre of the storms.

“Divine order is at work in my life whether I can see it or not. I let go and let Life Force lead the way”.

Who we are is not who we think we are /  Who I am is not who I think I am.


The undoing of who I think I am so I can know my real self is a constant process!  We are / I am, so identified with the little self. By little self I mean the one that believes in the false identity that is not true.  Believe it or not, this little self believes thoughts such as: “I am not worthy, I am not loveable, I am nothing, I am not good enough, the world is a dangerous place etc etc etc. These thoughts are mostly unconscious and we see them reflected back to us from the world around us. They are not true!  How could they be true when who we really are is a Divine spark of Love? Remembering the truth of who we are, especially when we are confronted with experiences that challenge us is a fantastic experience! It brings immediate peace, alignment and flow.  This is the thought I use to help me remember who I am.

“I am always at home in Love and so are all my fellow human beings. This is who I am. This is who we all are.  I let go of every other belief about myself and others”.

At any given moment we can choose to align with the energy which will bring us home to peace.


From a Qi perspective, certain thoughts and beliefs will result in fear, anxiety, depression, pain etc. These cause blockages of energy within our system across all aspects of our being. Our physical body may develop health issues and disease. Our minds may develop mental health issues, and our hearts are burdened by unresolved emotional trauma. In order to feel and have energy, we need to have it flowing. In order to have it flowing we need to free it up! To free it up we need to transform and release our attachment to these false ideas and beliefs about ourselves, each other and the world we inhabit. In order to align therefore, we have to be willing to release what is not true in order to know what is. This is the prayer I use to help me let go of what is not true within me.

“Spirit please help me to let go of this false thought about (myself, another person, this experience) so I can remember the truth of who I am and align with you.”


I hope these 3 little messages support you in remembering you who you are as LOVE. I’ll be practising them with you.

Big love to you, Michelle