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5 Good Reasons To Dance


The thing is I am already sold on dance.  I have danced since I was 8 with absolute passion and love for it. But not everyone knows why dance is good for your health and well-being, so I am here today to give you the top 5 reasons why dance is good for you.

  1.  Dance has been shown to be THE BEST way to keep your brain functioning.  It does this by stimulating the growth of neural pathways and integrating a number of brain functions such as kinesthetic, rational, music and emotional at once. It’s especially beneficial to learn different movement patterns which creates new neural pathways, not just revisiting the old ones.
  2.  Dancing is a great social activity!  Many types of dance, including Wu Tao are done in a group which increases opportunities for relationships, communication, camaraderie, friendship, support and cooperation to develop between people.  In a Wu Tao class, while everyone one is there for their own growth and process, the support and friendship of the group creates communities that last for many years.
  3. Dancing encourages creativity and self expression!  Everyone needs a space to express themselves without restraint and in their own unique way and dance does that perfectly.  Many people think they can’t dance and feel uncomfortable on any dance floor.  Thats why It’s important to be in an environment that is supportive and encouraging so you can let go and dance your heart out in your own special way.  Some dance classes are about technique and getting it right.  Wu Tao isn’t at all.  While there is a form to the dances, everyone can go at their own pace and do the dances their way.
  4. People who dance regularly reap many physical health benefits which include strong bones, lower cholesterol, better weight management, a decrease in blood pressure, increased muscle tone and a reduced risk of heart disease. We all want our bodies to be healthy don’t we?  Dance is a great way to maintain physical health as long as the dance method doesn’t place too much strain on any part of the body.
  5. Some of most important reasons to dance are its effects on stress and energy.  Dance, (particularly Wu Tao) improves energy and reduces emotional and mental stress.  In a world that is riddled with it, we all need to cultivate ways that reduce our stress and help us maintain a balanced state of mind. This helps us look and feel better, enjoy our life and have fun!

Woops! I have one more that I can’t miss out.

  1.  Music plus movement equals dance! What would we do without music in the world?  It would be a sad and sorry place wouldn’t it?  Dance brings music inside us and the joy of moving to music is one of life’s great pleasures.  The body simply loves to move to music!  You know you have to do it right?

That makes 6 VERY IMPORTANT REASONS to get to a dance class soon!  If Wu Tao feels like your thing then come and join us.  We’d love to be sharing the dance with you!