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5 Steps to Balance your Fire Element and Come Home to Peace



It’s a busy time and I totally understand if you don’t get time to read all this, but if you have a moment I hope the meditation process below helps you come home to peace.

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5 Steps to Balance your Fire Element and Come Home to Peace
I absolutely love working with the Fire element!  Why?Because the most important organ it governs (according to Chinese medicine) is the Heart!  The Heart is a yin organ along with the Spleen, Kidney, Lung and Liver.  It has a substantial purpose in our body of circulating the blood through our system.  It also has the very special job of housing our spirit or consciousness.That’s the part of us, our true Self, that does nothing but radiate joy and peace.  However, the spirit needs a calm place to rest and if the heart is disturbed by too much stress or emotional disturbance, the spirit will not stay grounded in the Heart.  The feeling is one of being ungrounded and it results in the physical symptoms of palpitations, insomnia and anxiety.So how do we treat the Heart and come home to peace? Well, there are a number of steps.1.  Identify the emotional disturbance.  What is the emotion that is most obvious to you right now?  In other words, how are you feeling?  Is the feeling strong or weak?  That is, does it have a strong charge?   Another good indicator of an emotional disturbance is the presence of anxiety.2.  Decide if this disturbance is useful to you.Sometimes a strong feeling may be an indicator we need to make a change.  This change could be an internal shift in perception or it may be as simple as deciding to go to bed early because we feel tired.  If the feeling doesn’t feel useful to you, then it’s time to move on to step 3.

3.  Release what doesn’t serve you.

There are many ways to do this.  Dancing Wu Tao is a particularly easy and enjoyable way to clear emotional energy that blocks your Heart.  Other ways include visualisation and meditation. Try this visualisation process if you can’t get to dance.

  • Imagine a huge fire burning in front of you.
  • Ask the Fire to help you by burning away the unnecessary emotional disturbances.
  • Then put all that emotion and anxiety (or whatever else is bothering you) into the fire.  

 4.  Meditate

When you have finished dancing or visualising, it’s time to rest and meditate.  Take a few minutes to sit or lie on the floor.  Take your breath into your heart and as you exhale,  allow your mind, heart and body to completely relax.  Just be present and enjoy the peace.  Your spirit rests in your heart and now there is nothing to disturb it.  You can simply be your Self.  Allow the joy and peace of your spirit to radiate out from your heart.

5.  Trust  

Trust that you have done all you are required to do to return to peace.  Your mind may want to jabber on and convince you otherwise. Don’t go there!  If you go with your mind now, the feelings you released can re-appear and you want to stay in peace right?  Your job now is to rest in your Self,  trust the moment of peace and allow it to grow within your mind.