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This Acupuncture Point will make you relax very quickly


Lao Gong, also known as the “Palace of Toil” is the eighth point of the heart master channel. It is stimulated to ease anxiety and clear inflammation.

Where do you find it? It’s located where the tip of your middle finger touches your palm when you make a fist. This is a key point for healing work and is stimulated to ease anxiety and clear inflammation.

We use this point in Wu Tao during the Fire dance! It’s the  dance that helps to free up energy in the Heart and Pericardium meridians. Rather than hold the point as traditionally used, We use a ‘brushing’ motion along the meridian pathways and brush away the anxieties and worry’s that disturb the Heart energy. It’s a wonderfully freeing movement.

So if you are feeling a little anxious, or there’s signs of inflammation in your body, you can do the Fire dance (Learn it here).

You can also do the lovely Lao Gong meditation below.

  • Close your eyes and gently rub your palms together until a warm or tingling sensation is felt.
  • Place one palm with Lao Gong on your chest over your breast bone.
  • Place the other palm with Lao Gong over your lower abdomen 2-3 inches below your navel.
  • Feel the warmth of your palms spread to your chest and abdomen.
  • Now feel the sense of warmth or awareness connect the chest and abdomen, opening and joining all of the space between them.
  • Breath into this space and enjoy the sense of openness and completeness within your torso for as long as you would like.
  • End by placing both palms over the lower abdomen, focusing for a minute or two on breathing into the lower abdomen.


Now open your eyes to a world that has changed with a little more peace in your heart.  Spending the rest of your day with gentleness towards yourself and others will help preserve this state of peace and renewal.


Have a very relaxing day,

Michelle x