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Awakening to your Soul’s Purpose



Awakening to your Soul’s Purpose 

Two important words passion and purpose. They could be written together as passionate purpose or purposefully passionate or even passionately purposeful!  Whatever way you put them together they are the very qualities that give life meaning.

Passion I describe as the feeling of intense emotional energy. Passion is the driving force, the energy of love within us.  Purpose is the call of the soul to live this energy in our daily life.  Life force is the invisible energy common to all things that connects us to the Oneness.  We call this Oneness many things; God, Consciousness, the Tao and the Self to name a few.  It is all the same thing, called by a multitude of different names depending on our cultural and spiritual beliefs.

When we are able to express our selves as love in a meaningful way to us, we align with the purpose of our soul, which is to remember our connection to Oneness.  

There are as many ways to do this as there are humans on this earth!  There is no right or wrong way to do anything!

As long as we are living from our authentic heart the best way we can in this moment, we will be purposefully aligned.

Asking questions of ourselves can assist us to stay purposefully aligned in our lives.  They can help us to review and reflect on where we are living authentically in our lives and where we are not. Indicators of good times to ask these questions are any time when we are feeling unsure of where we are in our life, unhappy with what we are doing or blaming our life situation for how we are feeling.  These are opportunities to bring ourselves back into alignment with our path through life.  Some of the questions we can ask are:

What do I love?

What am I passionate about?

What nurtures my heart?

What is my deepest soul desire?

These questions may seem very simple but they can work to keep us focused and living authentically.  So just for a moment reflect on your life.  Can you stand back and view it from a distance?  What parts of yourself are you up against?  Where is life working for you?  How is your soul calling to you?

Once you know you are the creator of your life, once you truly know that you are responsible, then everything that happens to you becomes an opportunity to awaken and evolve.  This is the path of purposeful living.

Have a beautiful flowing day! x x