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Can One Wu Tao Class a Week Help with Health?


According to  glowing reports about Anni Gemell’s class, the answer is a resounding Yes! Anni  has been holding her classes on the beautiful northern beaches for close to 10 years. She has seen many people come through her classes, some staying for years while others have moved on to other things.  Her students love her classes and are dedicated to attending her once sometimes twice a week sessions and nothing stops them going!

Along with helping her students,  Anni has blossomed into the vibrant, healthy and compassionate woman she is today, holding the space for others to become the same. This is the instructor’s way of Wu Tao!

Teaching becomes learning becomes healing. A community of beautiful, healthy people grows naturally around a grounded, energised and centred person.  Anni is this person in Avalon NSW and there are many more of these shining Wu Tao teachers across the globe.  You can read for yourself below what her students have to say.  If you wish to join her class, give her a call on 02 9918 3585.


A haven of wondrous music dance and meditation.

“I have been going to Anni Gemell’s WuTao on Saturday mornings in Avalon for more than 5 years. I had heard about Anni and Wu Tao through friends and came along to see what it was about.  What I found was a haven of wondrous music, dance and meditation that allows me to escape from spiraling events and re-focus on my spirit, creating a new world around me. Events over the last two years have shaken my core beliefs in myself and people around me.  Anni’s voice, wisdom and Wu Tao instruction has allowed me to find space and peace. The room is filled with tangible love – I have found a group of people whose energy is greater than the individual and we are there to support each other.

 Each dance helps me every week to relax, open my meridians and energise my body and soul.  Anni’s clear instruction in soft, melodic tones add to the experience allowing me be lost in the moment. The meditation at the end prepares me for the beginning of another week, waiting impatiently for Saturday to be here again.

 I can only thank Anni with all my heart for giving me a lifeline to hold onto in a sea of sadness that is leading me back to a life to live, laugh and love”.  Louise

Inspired and Peaceful Experience

“Wu Tao for me is the most wonderful, inspirational experience. I look forward to going to the classes each week. I love the music, the movement and the amazing ladies who are dancing with me. At the end of each class I feel both inspired and at peace. Anni’s grace and guidance through the dances and the meditation are something I wish everyone could enjoy. I am truly grateful to have been introduced to Wu Tao”.  Adrienne

Class with Anni prepares me for a relaxing weekend

“Saturday morning class of Wu Tao with Anni is a great way to break the pattern of the week and ground myself for a relaxing weekend.  It is a pleasure to be with a group of great, like-minded, delightful  women.” Helen

Happier and Healthier thanks to Wu Tao and Anni

“Wu Tao and Anni’s teaching of ‘The Dancing Way’ always feels like coming Home.  Anni creates an atmosphere through her expertise, sensitivity, kindness and amazing heart where each of us get to celebrate and express who we are through movement, music, joy, laughter and the occasional tear.  While the Wu Tao dances remain constant, no two experiences have ever been the same. I am a much happier and healthier person with Anni and Wu Tao in my life. Anni is why I continue to travel up to 3 ½ hours each Saturday to attend class and have done so for over 5 ½ years.”  Barb.

If you’d enjoy receiving glowing feedback such as this, consider becoming a Wu Tao Instructor!  Wu Tao helps instructors blossom while they support others to grow and heal.  It’s a win win situation and a great job!