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Essential oils are amazing in their ability to replenish the body and mind. They can help ground and heal you through their aroma, especially in times of stress. Stress manifests in our body in alarming ways. The physical strain of it can lead to poor health, but these damaging impacts can be balanced with essential […]

Stress is an emotional disorder How do you handle stress? Traditional Chinese Medicine considers stress to be an emotional disorder which has physical effects on the body and the mind.  Sometimes, when the internal organs are imbalanced (such as Liver or Heart weakness),  the body becomes unable to handle stress. Therefore it is is vital […]

How would you like to learn some simple stretches that increase your energy AND your flexibility at the same time? Introducing the Makko Hos Stretches! These are a series of 5 easy stretches that balance the Qi energy in the body. According to my Shiatsu teachers, these were developed by Shizuto Masunaga, A Zen Shiatsu […]

I’ve been exploring the relationship between hormones and diet for a long time. Most recently, after developing a stress induced hypothyroid condition.  (Don’t underestimate the impact of stress folks!). I love cooking and food as medicine is one of my hobbies. I am always experimenting with different foods and researching the benefits of particular foods […]

Many people ask me what inspired Wu Tao. Well, there was really two things. My love for dance and my belief in the philosophy of Taoism. I have always loved the Tao. It’s abstract. It’s not a religion, but it gives awesome guidance on how to live in harmony with Life. This video gives some […]

Tahini is a nut paste made from ground sesame seeds and it’s a nutritional powerhouse!It’s an acquired taste and for years I didn’t get into it at all even though I knew the healthy goodness that was in that sticky paste. For instance Tahini is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B15, […]

A few months ago I got a craving for pickles and decided to try Kimchee.  No! I was not pregnant! I just really love spicy pickles and I had heard that Kimchee is a healthy way to consume pickles as it’s fermented. I did my research and low and behold, there is a lot of […]

I have been using Chinese Herbal Medicine for over 20 years, as a practitioner  and as a consumer, and I can honestly say, it is my ‘medicine’ of choice. If I have to take a pill, (and I am one of those people reluctant to take anything unless I’m desperate), I prefer Chinese Herbs to […]

It’s a weird thing writing about Summer when I am in winter, but I know you may very well be living on the other side of the world, experiencing the summer ‘yang’ aspect of life!  While I am rugged up by the fire, you may well be sheltering from the heat of the sun, hiding […]

If you are wondering how to nourish your Kidneys in Winter, then look no further than soup.  A good soup, as part of a nutritious diet supports the grounding and nourishment of our core.  It contains plenty of water, its warm and there are many ingredients we can use in a soup that support the […]

So what exactly is Qi? Qi is the universal life energy.  It’s invisible to most of us but it permeates absolutely everything we see and everything we can’t see as well.  Qi has been called many things through the ages; Holy Spirit, the sixth sense, the feminine energy of an individual’s consciousness, kundalini, and Ki. […]

On Sunday we had our Late Summer Earth ceremony in the park.  In Fremantle, where Wu Tao originated, we have been dancing in Booyeembara Park for 12 years every month!  Now that’s commitment! Actually, it’s more than commitment, its LOVE.  We genuinely love each other and gain so much pleasure from coming together to dance […]

Chinese Medicine is big on grains for taking care of our digestive system and rice is a particularly popular grain in Asia.  A good quality white rice can be used for porridge but I find brown rice gives a lovely nutty texture as well as having more fibre and nutrients.  In China, porridge is called […]

 Have you heard the words Wu Tao and wondered what it was? The answers to all your questions such as What is Wu Tao? Where did it come from? Is it an ancient healing method from China? Is it attached to any religion? What makes Wu Tao different to yoga or Tai Chi? What are […]

Yep, I over indulged in lots of delicious food and stunning cocktails during my extra special birthday retreat in Bali.  Why hold back? I turned ** after all (That should keep you guessing!). Back at home and wanting to enforce some ‘healthy eating’ I decided to make this very easy and fresh vegetarian moussaka.  Main […]

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a different approach to diet than many popular dietary disciplines currently touted in the western market place today.  Personally,  I prefer any approach that isn’t fanatical, hard-core or a ‘one size fits all’ .  There are so many unique individuals on our planet and just as many ‘appropriate’ ways to suit.  […]

Heart Qi Healing: Preventing and Treating Cardiac Disease with Qi Gong “Each person carries his own doctor inside him.  They come to us not knowing the truth.  We are at our best when we give the doctor  who resides within each patient a chance to go to work.” Albert Schweitzer, MD What is Qi Gong? […]

  What is Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a degenerative bone disease where the bones become fragile and brittle.  Osteo = bone + porosis = porous.  Osteoporosis literally means ‘porous bone’.  Osteoporotic bones fracture more easily than normal bone.  A fall or even a small bump can cause a fracture.  Half of all women and one third […]

  It’s a busy time and I totally understand if you don’t get time to read all this, but if you have a moment I hope the meditation process below helps you come home to peace. Or just click this link and let Steve’s beautiful ‘Love is All there Is’ music take you there.. 5 Steps to […]