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Valentine’s Day is the day to devote to your special love relationship and your significant other.  Hopefully a beautiful day but it can also be fraught with problems. Why? Because we humans have expectations and desires and egos!  It can be a beautiful heart opening day for some, but a painful day for others who […]

I’ve been travelling to India for many years. I go to Herakhan Babaji’s Ashram in a beautiful part of Northern India. This is where I go to spiritually replenish and renew my soul. In my experience it’s the most high vibe place I’ve ever been. I recently found out that Steve Jobs spent time there […]

Want a Healthy Christmas Recipe to knock the socks of your Guests? I’ve got one for you! I started making this gorgeous salad about 10 years ago and it’s become one of our family’s favourite eats at Christmas. It’s a Kylie Kwong original. (Thanks Kylie!)  It is so healthy and absolutely yum! I promise you […]

So how has your 2017 been my dear? Mine has been one of ups and downs which was a surprise really! I wasn’t expecting so many challenges (otherwise known as learning opportunities) to show up! I’ve grown a lot and the ‘learning experiences’ have forced me to ‘bunker down’ and do my spiritual inner work […]

We all have it going on, because well, that’s life! Sh** happens to the best of us! So what is SH**? Sh** is anything you deem to be Sh**, which basically means if something triggers you to feel bad in anyway, you can probably call it Sh**. So how to deal with Sh**?  Ok here […]

Beautiful Woman! I have to ask you some questions. How do you nourish your precious feminine essence? Do you make time to nurture your inner self? Do you know what it means to balance your Yin energy? I’m here to remind you of the importance of attending to these questions and share with you the […]

We have Wu Tao Instructors all over the world now, and it’s always such a thrill to receive news of a new class going, trainees embarking on their learning journey and positive student feedback.  Here’s some offerings from some of our beautiful Wu Tao community members. Wu Tao inspires poetry, joy and purpose. Read this […]

  Lao Gong, also known as the “Palace of Toil” is the eighth point of the heart master channel. It is stimulated to ease anxiety and clear inflammation. Where do you find it? It’s located where the tip of your middle finger touches your palm when you make a fist. This is a key point […]

This article just came out in the Australian Living Now magazine. It’s a beautiful, heart tugging, personal expression from our resident poet and Wu Tao Instructor – Shireen Tripp. It so clearly demonstrates a depth of love, and more than that, the wisdom of a soul who knows and believes in the healing power of […]

A gorgeous Wu Tao Dance Therapy Instructor sent me a lovely letter last week, to say how grateful she was for the opportunity to teach Wu Tao.  It made me reflect on why I do it and have been teaching it continually for the past 16 years. It’s because Wu Tao is a dance therapy […]

  Diet is such an important way  to nourish our organs and vital systems and soups are particularly powerful healing foods. Why?  Soups are nourishing to the Spleen and the Spleen loves warm, cooked foods to generate the Qi energy we need to function well. The seasons are changing, and this is the time according […]

Life is like a river.  We cannot push or change its flow. In nature there is constant movement in the form of symbiotic exchange of energy.   This movement allows for constant growth and transformation. In life, as in nature, all things ebb and flow. Our cells regenerate, our situations change and we flow with […]

Ever have one of those days where you come home from work with sore feet and your mind overwhelmed? You just want to switch off, plant face first into your pillow or watch something that will distract you. Before you do, do yourself a favour and take ten to twenty minutes to recharge with meditation. […]

‘Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort. ‘ Deborah Day Self-care are things we do for ourselves to nurture our emotional, spiritual and physical health. The actions we take to care for ourselves fosters positivity and wellbeing. I […]

In this modern life, with competing demands, finding balance is essential. Balance is a key component of Wu Tao, and one we talk about often. But what does balance actually mean?   Knowing when you are unbalanced is intuitive. It could be, the  sense that something just doesn’t feel quite right. Or that internal restlessness […]

Have you found yourself feeling unbalanced lately? Has the change of seasons impacted your health? Change in weather can impact our meridians, our thoughts and our Chi. When your Earth Element is unbalanced you are caught in a cycle of overthinking. Anxious thoughts can block you from all the beauty life has to offer you […]

‘Just think of any negativity that comes at you as a raindrop falling into the ocean of your bliss.’ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi You deserve things that bring you happiness into your life. A part of finding your bliss is becoming open and receptive to the beauty life offers. For that we must surrender to the […]

It’s time to take a deep breath and release what may be hindering your natural growth. Wu Tao dances of Air, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth, unblock Qi and draw vibrant energy into your body. Each element is connected to deeply to the seasons. We look upon the changing leaves as the opportunity to unblock Qi […]

Have you been feeling overwhelmed in this busy, hectic world? Struggling to find ways to manage your chronic illness or pain? Looking for a long-term technique to maintain inner peace and mental health? It’s time to allow yourself to find clarity, peace with every breath and joy in every movement… It’s time to come Back […]

So let’s talk about the Air element. In Chinese medicine, the Air element is actually referred to as Metal. It governs the organs and meridians of the Lungs and the Large Intestine. The purpose of the Lung and Large Intestine organs is to help us to let go. The Lung control respiration, the taking in […]

Stress is an emotional disorder How do you handle stress? Traditional Chinese Medicine considers stress to be an emotional disorder which has physical effects on the body and the mind.  Sometimes, when the internal organs are imbalanced (such as Liver or Heart weakness),  the body becomes unable to handle stress. Therefore it is is vital […]

How would you like to learn some simple stretches that increase your energy AND your flexibility at the same time? Introducing the Makko Hos Stretches! These are a series of 5 easy stretches that balance the Qi energy in the body. According to my Shiatsu teachers, these were developed by Shizuto Masunaga, A Zen Shiatsu […]

Can you see the peace in her eyes? This could be you! 6 weeks, 1 hour a week is all it will take to bring you to home to balance, peace and joy! Come and learn the 5 element dances that harmonise the energy flow throughout your body. Improve your flexibility, increase your strength and […]

  Do you want to be a vehicle for positive change in the world? Sharing Wu Tao with your community is a beautiful way to effect powerful inner and outer change.  Our Instructor training course is a program that will transform you. Not only will you gain the skills to teach Wu Tao within your […]

Many people ask me what inspired Wu Tao. Well, there was really two things. My love for dance and my belief in the philosophy of Taoism. I have always loved the Tao. It’s abstract. It’s not a religion, but it gives awesome guidance on how to live in harmony with Life. This video gives some […]

Have you always wanted to go to India but never had the opportunity? Are you craving a deeper connection to the Divine? Join me for the trip of a lifetime in 2016! I have been fortunate to have made such a journey to a place called Haidakhan Viswa Mahadam Ashram, which means ‘the most beautiful […]


Many years ago when I was just starting out on my self development journey (and in quite a dark place when I reflect back), I had an encounter that changed my life in a profound way. A man in a pub came up to me and gave me a photocopy of a picture of a […]

Tahini is a nut paste made from ground sesame seeds and it’s a nutritional powerhouse!It’s an acquired taste and for years I didn’t get into it at all even though I knew the healthy goodness that was in that sticky paste. For instance Tahini is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B15, […]

Last week was a big one for me. I had to leave home for eight weeks to do a nursing prac in another state of Australia! For the past few weeks I have been going through separation anxiety and a fair amount of fear about the unknown. So many variables to deal with.  However I […]