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Valentine’s Day is the day to devote to your special love relationship and your significant other.  Hopefully a beautiful day but it can also be fraught with problems. Why? Because we humans have expectations and desires and egos!  It can be a beautiful heart opening day for some, but a painful day for others who […]

We have Wu Tao Instructors all over the world now, and it’s always such a thrill to receive news of a new class going, trainees embarking on their learning journey and positive student feedback.  Here’s some offerings from some of our beautiful Wu Tao community members. Wu Tao inspires poetry, joy and purpose. Read this […]

A gorgeous Wu Tao Dance Therapy Instructor sent me a lovely letter last week, to say how grateful she was for the opportunity to teach Wu Tao.  It made me reflect on why I do it and have been teaching it continually for the past 16 years. It’s because Wu Tao is a dance therapy […]

How would you like to learn some simple stretches that increase your energy AND your flexibility at the same time? Introducing the Makko Hos Stretches! These are a series of 5 easy stretches that balance the Qi energy in the body. According to my Shiatsu teachers, these were developed by Shizuto Masunaga, A Zen Shiatsu […]

Are you experiencing any physical or emotional pain right now? Pain in Chinese Medicine is often caused by blocked energy in the body.  In Chinese Medicine free flowing energy equals no pain. If there is pain, there is no free flow. The liver job is to maintain the free flow of the vital energy (Qi) […]

Can you see the peace in her eyes? This could be you! 6 weeks, 1 hour a week is all it will take to bring you to home to balance, peace and joy! Come and learn the 5 element dances that harmonise the energy flow throughout your body. Improve your flexibility, increase your strength and […]

By Prabhuta Wilson The last Wu Tao gathering in Perth for the year we had at Booyeembara Park on a Sunday morning before Christmas. For this we celebrated with the Summer Ceremony, rejoicing  with gratitude for all the beauty and gifts that the Summer brings. We all came with flowers and petals and a lovely […]

  Do you want to be a vehicle for positive change in the world? Sharing Wu Tao with your community is a beautiful way to effect powerful inner and outer change.  Our Instructor training course is a program that will transform you. Not only will you gain the skills to teach Wu Tao within your […]

Many people ask me what inspired Wu Tao. Well, there was really two things. My love for dance and my belief in the philosophy of Taoism. I have always loved the Tao. It’s abstract. It’s not a religion, but it gives awesome guidance on how to live in harmony with Life. This video gives some […]


Many years ago when I was just starting out on my self development journey (and in quite a dark place when I reflect back), I had an encounter that changed my life in a profound way. A man in a pub came up to me and gave me a photocopy of a picture of a […]

Last week was a big one for me. I had to leave home for eight weeks to do a nursing prac in another state of Australia! For the past few weeks I have been going through separation anxiety and a fair amount of fear about the unknown. So many variables to deal with.  However I […]

A life transforming dance event with Michelle Locke. Sydney – Saturday 18th October 1 – 5pm Melbourne – Saturday 25th October 1 – 5pm Come and learn specific tools to live your life in balance, flow and  joy! Are you caught up in the ‘mundane’ aspects of your life? Would you like your soul to be in […]

Today by some random accident, I came across this lovely article by a woman called Chell who had used Wu Tao to help her through a difficult time. I was very touched to read about her experience and as always felt humbled that Wu Tao had helped someone I hadn’t met. You can read her […]

“Paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally, to the unfolding of experience moment to moment. Acceptance of what is, paying attention to our thoughts and feelings without judgement” Mindfulness according to Jon-Kabat Zinn I recently read this description of mindfulness meditation and was struck with how similar the definition is to an experience […]

I hope you are enjoying the season whether it be high summer or a stormy winter like here in Western Australia! I am loving the winter storms though the cold is not my favourite temperature.  In my part-time job of working with children with special needs, I have been enjoying long drives along the coast, […]

Ulla McAllister is! Ulla was the first ever person I trained to teach Wu Tao way back in 2002 and she’s leaving Perth!  I could not have created Wu Tao without her.  She has encouraged, supported and held my hand and that of all her students too. We have all been blessed by her presence […]

According to  glowing reports about Anni Gemell’s class, the answer is a resounding Yes! Anni  has been holding her classes on the beautiful northern beaches for close to 10 years. She has seen many people come through her classes, some staying for years while others have moved on to other things.  Her students love her […]

Here is a wonderful article by one of our instructors Sandy Macfarlane detailing her personal journey with Wu Tao.  What a story she’s got to share! Her experiences through marriage breakup, 2 strokes, a heart attack  AND a powerful out of body experience moved me deeply.  She is one amazing and inspiring woman!  Thanks Sandy […]

On Sunday we had our Late Summer Earth ceremony in the park.  In Fremantle, where Wu Tao originated, we have been dancing in Booyeembara Park for 12 years every month!  Now that’s commitment! Actually, it’s more than commitment, its LOVE.  We genuinely love each other and gain so much pleasure from coming together to dance […]

 Have you heard the words Wu Tao and wondered what it was? The answers to all your questions such as What is Wu Tao? Where did it come from? Is it an ancient healing method from China? Is it attached to any religion? What makes Wu Tao different to yoga or Tai Chi? What are […]

  I am excited already because going to Bali and teaching Wu Tao is my absolutely most favourite thing to do in the world!  I love the peace and beauty of Bali and our stunning retreat in Candidasa is the ideal place to transform and heal.  Our last training in September took me and our […]

When Wu Tao was still just an idea in my mind, before any of the dances had come into form, I was given this story to guide me.  Gwana and Ungur represent the divine marriage within each of us.  Gwana the eagle is spirit, Ungur the snake, our body.  We live on the earth with […]

  It’s a busy time and I totally understand if you don’t get time to read all this, but if you have a moment I hope the meditation process below helps you come home to peace. Or just click this link and let Steve’s beautiful ‘Love is All there Is’ music take you there.. 5 Steps to […]