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Centre yourself by reconnecting with nature

Life is like a river.  We cannot push or change its flow.

In nature there is constant movement in the form of symbiotic exchange of energy.  

This movement allows for constant growth and transformation.

In life, as in nature, all things ebb and flow. Our cells regenerate, our situations change and we flow with life’s challenges.

But at times, this flow can feel like we’re swimming against the tide. Or we’re hanging onto the life raft hoping nothing changes.

There is power in moving forward and being resilient; in being able to flow with life.

When we take on this model of accepting free flowing energy and allow ourselves to grow we become one with joy, grace and peace.

Let nature be your reminder to move with changes.

When you wander through nature you allow yourself to be nourishment by elemental energies.

Let this  sign of life in it’s most natural habitat fill you with childlike awe. It really is amazing that nature provides a life giving force.

Breathe in all that raw natural Qi and let it fill you with energy and confidence that you have all you need inside.

Be swept away by a sense of stillness and calm. Think of yourself like the trees standing strong.

The philosophy of stillness is all about rest, reflection and letting go. When we immerse ourselves in nature you are giving yourself a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Everything is connected by the flow of life energy and when we are feeling lost being nature can help us be more in tune to this energy.

Experience our Connecting with Qi activity

  • Sit in nature.  Have some part of your body in contact with nature.  For example, head resting on the grass, sitting against a tree, holding a stone or flower etc.
  • Breathe and relax your body and mind.  Close your eyes for a moment.
  • Firstly, become aware of your body.  Feel your skin and become aware of your body in space.  Feel your hands, arms, legs, feet etc.
  • Open your eyes and look around you.  As you expand your vision, expand your physical awareness out through your skin.
  • Allow your vision to diffuse (like staring), soften your eyes, and relax your body even more.  Now extend your awareness out through your skin until you get a sense of connection with the environment around you.
  • Allow yourself to merge with your surroundings, keeping your senses open.  Become aware of the energy around you, feel it and become one with it. You may see it via colours or light.  You may hear it as a sound or vibration.  You may feel it as aliveness or prickles on your skin. You may have a sense of its movement or stillness.  
  • For as long as you are comfortable, stay open, relaxed and connected to this energy.  It is Life energy and you are a part of it.

How did this exercise make you feel? Comment and let us know.