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Chell’s Healing Journey with Wu Tao

rippledance Today by some random accident, I came across this lovely article by a woman called Chell who had used Wu Tao to help her through a difficult time. I was very touched to read about her experience and as always felt humbled that Wu Tao had helped someone I hadn’t met. You can read her article here We don’t always know what effects our actions are having in the world, but this was a reminder to me to keep doing what feels good and right, and let the universe take care of the rest.

Positive action even when it seems small can have a far-reaching effect. True positive action flows from internal connection and balance.  It flows from a place of stillness and peace. If action is tainted with fear, worry, anxiety, righteous anger or sadness it didn’t come from that pure place within that is free of these things. It seems we have a big task in this world.  It’s a challenge to live from that pure inner Self when we are pulled around and feel out of balance.

Wu Tao really helps us to stay connected to the Flow.  If you need a bit of support to connect to your internal Flow then I encourage you to give Wu Tao a try. It’s a gentle and beautiful practice and you can have that balance and connection you need  by going to classes or learning at home with one of our DVD’s.  You can contact me directly if you have any questions before you get started. Have a beautiful flowing day, Michelle