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Dancing Home to Heaven

This article just came out in the Australian Living Now magazine. It’s a beautiful, heart tugging, personal expression from our resident poet and Wu Tao Instructor – Shireen Tripp.

It so clearly demonstrates a depth of love, and more than that, the wisdom of a soul who knows and believes in the healing power of dance. Shireen eloquently shares the story of her journey with her beloved mother through the last months of her life.

I met with Shireen during this time. I was inspired by her strength and courage then, As I read this article I am moved to tears. I know the journey of caring for a loved one. Love makes it easy for us, but it’s not always the same for people coming in from the outside.

Shireen fiercely stood for her mother’s best interests. She saw her beyond the appearance of frailty Beyond the ‘illness’. Wu Tao helped them both to connect to something much deeper. Shireen knew this was possible and she fought for it.

You can read her beautiful essay here. I am sure you will be touched….

We move to the beat of an unfathomable melody

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