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Do you Want to be a Vehicle for Positive Change in your Community? Become a Wu Tao Instructor in 2016!


Photo 17-11-2015, 11 53 44 AMDo you want to be a vehicle for positive change in the world? Sharing Wu Tao with your community is a beautiful way to effect powerful inner and outer change.  Our Instructor training course is a program that will transform you. Not only will you gain the skills to teach Wu Tao within your community, but you will learn how to live from a deep connection to your Self and Life.

Wu Tao brings you back into balance with your natural state of being which is inner peace, joy and limitless energy.  Teaching it to others is a great gift and heaps of fun!  So why not start your Instructor Training program in 2016,  and join our community of amazing people who are teaching Wu Tao across the globe. Our next Bali training Intensive is in February. There is still time to join this training if you are eager to start teaching this year. Go here for the complete training program details.

Want to know more before you commit to the training? Book a free Q & A session with Michelle! A great opportunity to have all your questions answered and make sure becoming a Wu Tao teacher is right for you before starting.  Book your session here.

Our last training for the year was with a lovely group of women most who all travelled great distances to attend the training in Bali. They came from Germany, Croatia, England, Scotland and Australia. A very dedicated group who successfully completed their training requirements and are now making plans to start classes in their own countries. Congratulations to all who attended, Linda, Michele, Laura, Egli and Britta. I know your students will appreciate you!

“I was apprehensive before attending the training retreat. I had been stressed and my energy was blocked, however, I was able to work through my fears and open my heart to the experience. The energy moved substantially enabling me to finish my training successfully, feeling relaxed and at peace with the universe.  Michelle was a supportive and inspiring teacher. I made some lovely friends that I will always cherish. I now feel confident to share Wu Tao dance with others at home in the UK”.

Michele Bradley Nurse Manager UK

“The Instructor Training course was not only a great training experience, it was a great spiritual and transformation journey. So much great energy was was shared and so many blockages released and healed. I feel like my heart is open and my inner child has awakened to a new life. Thank you Michelle for creating and sharing this wonderful gift of Wu Tao amongst us”.

Egli Illic Health Coach Croatia

“Michelle, I’m full of gratitude for this week, thank you so much. At the beginning, I thought that I never will do the assessment at the end of the week and then I realised that I love to teach the dances! To dance Wu Tao is so good for me. I will share it and I like to give other people the space to dance and heal, and so I am s, for the training and for every lovely word, support and openness to let us be as we are”.  

Britta Duesterhaus Researcher Germany

“I was apprehensive about making a 24 hour plane journey to do the teacher training, dance, and meet Michelle, however now that the end is approaching, I find myself wishing to stay longer. This face to face training has been invaluable, sensitive and nurturing. I recommend it highly. Love you Michelle , your dance and TCM! “

Linda Gerletti Yoga Instructor Scotland

lauratrain15“This week has been magical, raw, gentle, strong, joyful – a bit of everything. It has held a space that has allowed me to let go and just be.  It takes the learnings of Wu Tao – The theories that underpin it and the the knowledge of the dances to another level.  I feel like I’ve integrated the learnings into my being. I feel so nourished by Wu Tao, by everyone here learning to teach it and by the teacher. Michelle, you are such a powerful and giving being, and finding you and Wu Tao has been a blessing for me.  I will be forever grateful and dancing”.

Laura Elkin Aboriginal Advocacy Manager Western Australia