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Feeling Tired? Immune system low? It might be Qi Deficiency!


Qi deficiency is not as uncommon as you may imagine. It is important to note that Qi within your physical body is made primarily from food and air. The quality and quantity of Qi depends to a very large extent on our physical constitution as well as our lifestyle.

People who have a deficiency in their Qi are those who for one reason or the other are running low or under functioning in one way or the other. Deficiency in Qi may lead to lethargy,fatigue and a weakened immune system. The good news however, lies in the fact that we are able to improve this situation through performance of a number of exercises that include breathing, physical exercise and postural alignment.

You should ensure that you get plenty of fresh air, breathe correctly and eat the right foods for your health. Foods that steadily increase your Qi over time make you much stronger.  Foods that build your Qi include grains such as oats and rice, vegetables including sweet potato, pumpkin and potato, fruits including cherries, grapes, dates and figs and supplements such as bee pollen, royal jelly and ginseng.

Movement therapies such as Tai Chi, Yoga and Wu Tao helps to build your Qi through breathing and doing specific movements that increase Qi flow through the body. The Water Dance in Wu Tao is specifically designed to build Qi energy. You can learn this dance and more with the Wu Tao Self Healing Home Study Course.