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How to grow with autumn and the air element

It’s time to take a deep breath and release what may be hindering your natural growth.

Wu Tao dances of Air, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth, unblock Qi and draw vibrant energy into your body.

Each element is connected to deeply to the seasons. We look upon the changing leaves as the opportunity to unblock Qi and draw powerful energy into your body to embrace change within us.

With this change of season in the Southern Hemisphere, now is the perfect time to use the Air Element to free ourselves and make room for more growth and rejuvenation.

Shedding the things that no longer give us life is as natural as the leaves turn golden brown and fall to the earth.  

However, we become blocked by mental and emotional burdens.

When you are weighed down moving forward becomes a workload.

This season of change and release is the time to start letting go of what has hurt us in the past.

Let go so you can start living in the present.

It’s in the moment you are open to new possibilities and experiences. You will walk confidently through life with a more enriched perspective.

And that openness begins now.

Let us guide you through this changing season with gentle movements to surrender and break free with the Air Element.


Experience our Affirmation exercise

You can start breathing in the change by connecting with the air.

Go where you can feel the breeze on your face.

A high place.

If possible a place where you feel connected with nature: a cliff, up in the mountains or by the sea.

Give yourself time to meditate.  Open yourself to the energy in the air, let it flow through your body and fill you.

We suggest you try our affirmations for the Air Element. Repeat these aloud or to yourself….

The lightness of Air blows away all that is past in me and opens me up to the freedom of this moment.

I release all thoughts, feelings and attitudes that restrict and limit my flow of energy.
The past is over.
The past cannot hurt me.
I live in the now.
I am open to the present moment.
I am open to Life.

How do you feel after speaking these words? Notice
 way this activity provides space for you to connect and be.

Do this exercise anytime you feel called.

If you are seeking renewal and change start by attending one of our classes.