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Healing yourself with Qi (Part 1)


So what exactly is Qi?

Qi is the universal life energy.  It’s invisible to most of us but it permeates absolutely everything we see and everything we can’t see as well.  Qi has been called many things through the ages; Holy Spirit, the sixth sense, the feminine energy of an individual’s consciousness, kundalini, and Ki.   It animates and enlivens the physical form of all life. Qi is the energy that results from the interaction and play between the yin and yang principles.

If you don’t have Qi, you don’t have life! Qi is everywhere and in everything. It is the very force that keeps us alive, gives us initiative and drives and inspires us. It maintains our physical form and affects our mind and spirit.

Within our physical body, Qi flows through the channels (meridians) as well as permeating every cell. The meridians run close to the surface of the skin as well as going deep into the body to connect with the organs. There are twelve main channels and each of these is associated with and named after a specific organ such as the Liver or Kidney meridian.

The function of Qi is to warm and enliven the body and provide the energy to drive the metabolic functions of the body. Qi also protects the body from invasion of cold, heat, wind, bacteria and viruses.

As physical organisms, we produce Qi through the intake of air, food and water. When Qi is flowing smoothly, without disturbance, health is maintained. When the flow of Qi is disrupted or blocked, imbalance can occur resulting in stress on the system that can then lead to disease.

Qi loves to move! 

Qi in the body flows freely when the body is moving.  Too much sitting causes Qi to stagnate.  Our ancestors were most likely healthy because they were moving and exercising their bodies everyday and keeping Qi moving through performing their daily work which was predominantly active.

Today, we need formal movement practices to achieve the same level of physical health.  Anything will do as long as your body gets to move. The best forms are those that move the whole body and don’t over-work any particular muscle group.

It also helps to do what we enjoy!  What do you love to do? Do you love to run, walk or jog? Do you like to dance? Do you enjoy physical labour such as chopping wood or building? These are all excellent ways to keep your Qi moving naturally.

So here’s a challenge for you today.  (I’m doing it too!)

Do something physical that you enjoy!

  • Take a walk
  • Grab your partner, put on your favourite music and twirl around the living room together
  • Play a game of cricket or football with some friends
  • Go to a yoga, tai chi or dance class
  • Take a swim at the beach or local pool
  • Play a game of chasey with your children (they will love you for it!)
  • Run around the block
  • Ride your bike to work or school
  • Let your children ride to school with you riding with them
  • Roller-skate
  • Go for a surf

I’m off  to a Wu Tao Dance Class now!  Have a very enjoyable Qi moving day!

Love Michelle

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