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Herakhan Ashram – The Highest Vibe on the Planet!


I went to India for the first time in 2008.  There is only one place I needed to go and that was to Babaji’s Ashram in Herakhan.  There are lots of stories to tell about Herakhan and I aim to share more of them with you this year, suffice to say it is the holiest, highest vibe place I have ever had the privilege of visiting.

I wrote this article after my third visit in 2010.  I am sharing it again today,  because Navaratri, the festival to the Divine Mother is happening there right now, and even though I am not physically there, the power and sacredness of this place reverberates though my soul and reminds me of my purpose every day.

I intend to take a group to the ashram in 2016 for Navaratri.  (I have to finish my nursing studies before I can return!). If it calls you, please let me know.  I can guarantee you a most enlightening experience.  Michelle

Visit to Herakhan – 2010

I have recently returned from another amazing trip to India and Babaji’s ashram in Herakhan, located in the foothills of the Himalayas. This place has got the highest vibration I have ever come across on the planet. It’s like how I would imagine heaven to be in terms of energy, love and bliss. People come from all over the world and it has a true sense of unity with all humanity.

Herakhan feels like home. The place resonates so deeply with my inner Self, which of course is my true home, the Divine within. It is the ultimate blessing to be able to drink in this energy for 10 whole days. To be fully with my Self and not pulled around by the ramblings of my mind and ego. Divine Presence is so strong at Herakhan that is simply blows away anything unlike itself, and all that is left is Truth and Love.

I went with my partner Steve for the third year in a row. I also met up with Ardyn Masterman, a Wu Tao Instructor from Qld! What a coincidence!  We were there for Navaratri, which is the Divine Mother festival. Everyday there are many ceremonies (pujas) to her various manifestations including a massive fire ceremony called Havan. The days started at 4am with a morning bathe in the river and ended around 10pm with Aarti (devotional songs) and pranam to Sri Muniraj, the guru who holds Babajis energy like a saint. Every day was filled with happiness, joy, meditation and prayer and the air is literally filled with atoms of high frequency energy.



The place itself is beautiful, with the river bed full of white stones, flowing crystal clear water, mountains, blue skies and nature everywhere.

This place is THE PLACE to connect with your deepest truth and SELF. If your desire is for liberation of your soul and self realisation AND you want to manifest your fullest potential and be of service to humanity this lifetime, I sincerely encourage you to make the time to journey to Herakhan soon.


 Our world needs clear, strong people, dedicated to truth and love. Herakhan will give you the strength to fulfill your divine mission and reach your highest potential. Your limited self can drop away in Herakhan. These trips for me have been the most significant spiritual experiences of my life.

 The highlight of the trip for me was having my first mundun. Mundun is the ritual of having your head shaved. I have been thinking about it since my first visit 3 years ago, but I have had a lot of resistance to it. As a woman, I have a lot invested in my hair! My identity as a woman and my idea of feminine beauty and attraction, also I have had a strong attachment to what people think of me especially those closest to me ie my family! After much soul searching I made the decision that it would be a good thing to have it done and surrender.

When the time came to sit in front of the 95 year old barber on the bank of the beautiful Ganga river, my mind finally found peace. As soon as he started cutting away my long hair, I felt peaceful. The group around me sang Om Namah Shivai and my beautiful Steve stayed close by supporting me. It was a very blissful experience and after I truly felt liberated from my past and closer to God.

I plan to keep it for 9 months and use the regular shaving as my spiritual practice to remind me to continue surrendering daily to what is important; the divine presence and love within me. 


Now more than ever, we need to align ourselves with the fantastic energy available to us on the planet. Wu Tao will help you to reconnect with this energy and is the perfect way to integrate spirit and body and dance ourselves back into balance, joy and full aliveness! It makes it easy then to get on with what you here to do, your purpose and divine mission.



My philosophy is that Life gives you all the opportunities and challenges you need to grow and evolve and in return we are meant to offer something back to the whole. You have a unique gift for the world and it is meant to be shared. So come and join us for a class soon and we will help you clear the way so you can share your Self fully.

Since returning to Australia my daughter Belle has been in hospital with pneumonia so my Wu Tao work has been on hold. She made an amazing recovery and I am now back at my desk and dancing again. I hope to dance with you soon.

Blessings and love  Michelle x x

(Note: since I wrote this my Belle gained her angel wings and life has changed dramatically.  The blessings from Herakhan helped me enormously to deal with the grief and loss of my precious girl and continue to inspire my life.)