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How to follow your bliss

‘Just think of any negativity that comes at you as a raindrop falling into the ocean of your bliss.’ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

You deserve things that bring you happiness into your life.

A part of finding your bliss is becoming open and receptive to the beauty life offers. For that we must surrender to the natural flow of life energy.

Life energy lives in everybody and everything. It is what shifts and moves nature.

During autumn this energy manifests as the air element; the element for surrendering and readying ourselves for new growth.

When we surrender we are letting go of control. Because, when we cling to control we eventually find ourselves blocked.

We must acknowledge that we are part of something bigger by placing our trust in the natural flow of energy.

Spend some time taking note of all the little things that bring you joy in your life, from the smell of trees after the rain to there being no line when waiting for your morning latte.

If you come across something that fills you with joy make a note of it.

Call more of these moments into your life and see where they take you. Following the things that bring us happiness makes our lives feel enriched and we feel more connected with vibrant life energy.

By letting go of the things that block our spiritual growth, we are free to be fully present and receptive to moments of bliss.

Are you ready to find more bliss? Experience it now with this exercise.  

Wu Tao surrender exercise.

Find a quiet moment for yourself, preferably outside where you can feel the wind on your face.

Is there something you want to let go of? An emotional burden to set free or a negative thought no longer serving you?

Hold the thought in your mind and prepare to set it free.

Once you’re clear on what you’re ready to let go, repeat the Air Element Affirmation:

Dropping into the element of air


Letting go

The air carries me like a cloud

I float

I let go of all my thoughts

All of the past

All of my expectations of the future

I allow myself to fly

Drifting with the winds

Letting go

Letting go


Letting go

Surrendering to the breath of life

Dropping deeper into the air

Becoming one with the air

I breathe

I release

I let go

Remember to breath out all the negativity and breath in positive feelings.

If you would like to learn more stop by one of our classes and experience release.