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India Dreaming Journey 15 – 28 March 2018

I’ve been travelling to India for many years. I go to Herakhan Babaji’s Ashram in a beautiful part of Northern India. This is where I go to spiritually replenish and renew my soul. In my experience it’s the most high vibe place I’ve ever been. I recently found out that Steve Jobs spent time there way back in the 80’s. I will be returning there in March 2018 and invite you to join me if it calls you. I can promise you a trip that will speak to your heart. It’s powerfully transformative, healing and incredibly beautiful. It’s also not for the faint-hearted. You have to be willing to come undone in order to be put back together. It always feels like a spiritual rebirth. If you are needing that in your life, if you are wanting  deep spiritual transformation, I humbly offer myself as a friend and guide for your journey. You can find all the details here and please don’t hesitate to contact me directly for a proper chat about it.