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India Journey 2016

Have you always wanted to go to India but never had the opportunity? Are you craving a deeper connection to the Divine? Join me for the trip of a lifetime in 2016!

I have been fortunate to have made such a journey to a place called Haidakhan Viswa Mahadam Ashram, which means ‘the most beautiful place on earth’  situated in the foothills of the Himalayas.  The ashram was founded by a Divine spiritual mystic, Sri Sri Babaji and has the most amazingly high spiritual vibration. You can read all about my journey to Haidakhan here.

Babaji’s teachings are universal and simple: Live in truth, simplicity and Love. You can read more about Babaji here  The ashram is a place to reconnect to your own divine heart and receive healing and guidance for your life direct from Babaji. His teachings come in many forms, but everyone who is devoted to the Divine receives his blessings. Also, the sacredness and beauty of the natural surroundings brings a wonderful opportunity to cleanse and renew yourself at the deepest level.

Whilst at the ashram we will participate in Navaratri, also known as the Divine Mother Festival. This festival honours the Divine Mother as the universal creative power in all her manifestations. Every day of the 9 day celebration, a different face of the Divine Mother is honoured through ritual prayer and meditation. It is a journey of powerful transformation, healing and renewal for all who participate, the effects of which permeate one’s life for years afterwards.

I invite you to join me for this most divine and beautiful healing experience.  I will act as your humble mentor, however, I encourage you to surrender completely to the Divine Mother and Babaji who are your true spiritual teachers and guides.  

In addition to the myriad of unique ceremonies and powerful healing experiences you will encounter at the ashram, I will provide opportunities for you to integrate your experience through one-on-one sessions,  24 hour support and Wu Tao dance classes where possible.  

The days of Navaratri are very full. Whilst they can be tiring, it is highly recommended to participate in as much as you can, as the energy expended is returned 10 fold on your return home.

A typical day looks like this:

  • 4.30 sunrise
  • Wake and bathe in the sacred Ganga river.
  • Meditation and receive Chandan (the application of sandalwood paste to the forehead)
  • Aarti – ritual singing in the temple followed by ceremonies to the Divine Mother in the forms of the goddesses Saraswati, Lakshmi and Durga.
  • Late morning is the Big Fire Ceremony called Havan.
  • Lunch and a rest
  • Further ceremonies by the yogis and reading of the Divine Mother Verses in the afternoon.
  • Bath before sunset.
  • Evening Aarti which is joyful, grounding and often involves lots of clapping and dancing.

 Program Details

Michelle will arrange your transportation from New Delhi to the ashram which is located 300 km away. Your transportation to New Delhi is your responsibility.

Arrive Delhi 05th April, 2016

Program begins at Ashram 08 April through 16 April, 2016

Return Delhi 17/18 April, 2016

Investment: *AU$2500 (Earlybird special before 31 Jan $2400)

Price includes: Airport transfers, Accommodation and breakfast in Delhi,  travel to and from Ashram, accommodation at the Ashram, some meals, Wu Tao classes and personal mentoring (Cost based on shared occupancy)

Does not include: Airline tickets, Visas, or Travel Insurance or any sightseeing.


  • All monies must be paid by February 28, 2016
  • A fee of $500 applies to cancellations
  • No cancellations will be accepted after February 28, 2016

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