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Self-care tips to balance the mind, body and soul.

‘Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort. ‘ Deborah Day

Self-care are things we do for ourselves to nurture our emotional, spiritual and physical health.

The actions we take to care for ourselves fosters positivity and wellbeing.

I invite you now to take a moment and think about your needs.

How can you experience vibrant health? What will make your body feel good in the long term? Go get a massage for those sore muscles.

What are your emotional needs right now? Are you feeling overwhelmed? What can you do now to look after your emotional health? Take some time to switch off and calm your mind.

Establishing a self-care routine alleviates stress by recharging your energy.

Regular activities like meditation, connecting with nature, long baths and movement keeps your mind and body healthy. Also making time keep the place you live clean will have a positive effect on your psyche.

These little self-care methods will make the biggest impact in your life when you make time to do them in times of stress.

The main purpose is to give you strength for the sharp turns and bumps on the road.

The Wu Tao self-care technique is to build and store energy so you will have a surplus on days your Qi feels depleted.

Cooler months  are the time to store your energy and nourish it. In this sleepy season let yourself dream. Sow the seeds for your aspiration so they are ready to sprout in spring.

Qi Breathing

      – Stand with feet slightly apart and knees relaxed.

     –   Begin by gently shaking out each part of your body starting from your hands and fingers, to elbows, shoulders, torso, hips, bottom, thighs, knees, feet etc. then up your body to spine, neck and head.

       – Stop shake when you are ready and stand with eyes closed, feet slightly apart and knees relaxed.

      –  Breath deeply and relax more each time you breath out.

      –  Take your focus to your hara (belly area).

       – Begin to take your breath down into your hara, imagining that there is a big golden ball of energy (light) which expands as you inhale, and solidifies and becomes brighter as you exhale.

      –  With each cycle of breath, pull your breath down into your hara (below your belly button) expanding the golden ball of light and then consolidating your energy as you exhale.

      –  After a few minutes of breathing, bring your hands to face each other in front of your hara.

       – Continue to breath and at the same time become aware of the space between your hands.

You may notice sensations of energy between your hands or tingling.  This is the Qi moving and flowing.

Whatever you notice, simply let it be as it is and focus on your breathing.


How did this make you feel?