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The Fire Element – A celebration of who we are – Love!

By Prabhuta Wilson

The last Wu Tao gathering in Perth for the year we had at Booyeembara Park on a Sunday morning before Christmas.

For this we celebrated with the Summer Ceremony, rejoicing  with gratitude for all the beauty and gifts that the Summer brings. We all came with flowers and petals and a lovely picnic to share after the dancing.

The weather was perfect, nice and warm in the morning and later as it got warmer we had our picnic under the trees.  This lovely park has a special Aboriginal garden that has been made to represent the Wagyl a dreamtime snake and protecter of the waters.

The walls of the garden have been tiled with mosaic and represent the Wagyl’s scales and body . At the entrance to the garden is the wonderful sculpture of her head.

So it already feels like a sacred space. We created a circle with white rocks,and standing outside of it we initiated the beginning with a smoking ceremony for cleansing, before entering the circle.

Giving thanks to the East for our birth and all renewal, to the North for strength both inner and outer, to the West for healing and letting go of the old, and finally to the south for Wisdom, especially from our ancestors and all that have gone before us.

Then sitting in a circle we sang the summer song,  touching our heart chakra and then placing our petals and flowers in a mandala.

With the words:- Love is all there is, I surrender to Love. This felt very powerful as the energy of love began to flow, and hearts open wide to our place here on this earth as the great mandala of humanity. And after making a mandala of such prettiness what can you do but dance  around it to celebrate? And so we did, doing all the Wu Tao dances.

It is always a challenge to dance on grass or sand, especially twirling!

But it seems to me that the earth is very grounding  and of necessity one has to slow down a bit to be able to dance comfortably on the grass. So I take it that we become more in tune with a natural rhythm when we dance upon the earth with bare feet.

At the end of the dancing we had a meditation where we were holding hands. I love this, as you can feel the energy moving like waves through the body.

Gratefulness for life, for nature, for all the beautiful gifts that life brings , and especially being able to share these gifts with others. Tears were flowing in the end.Lovely food was shared under the shady trees , and I felt that this is the real meaning of Christmas.

To dance and sing, share food and laughter and rejoice in all thatour wonderful earth provides. May everyone have a happy and creative year ahead, and may the dancer become the dance.