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Valentine’s Day – Devotion to LOVE!


Valentine’s Day is the day to devote to your special love relationship and your significant other.  Hopefully a beautiful day but it can also be fraught with problems. Why? Because we humans have expectations and desires and egos!  It can be a beautiful heart opening day for some, but a painful day for others who either didn’t feel loved by another or have someone to share their love with!

But what if we devote ourselves to LOVE beyond our human relationships today? The big LOVE that surpasses everything and everyone. The love that encompasses all and is beyond our human capacity to understand. We have all experienced fleeting moments of LOVE like this. Overwhelming gratitude and awe are the symptoms.  Reminders that there is more going on than this little life we seem to be living.

 “This LOVE lives deep within you.  It’s the truth of who you are.”

I’d like to share my story of how LOVE found me and invite you to surrender your Heart to LOVE today…


My guru Babaji left his body on Valentine’s Day 1984.  I hadn’t met him nor did I even know who he was back then.  He came and found me in a pub in Adelaide SA in 1988.  A man who I never saw again, came up to me in this dark and noisy pub and gave me a photocopy picture of Babaji. It was an image of a young man sitting cross-legged.  The guy told me ‘You are meant to have this’ and walked away.

I had no idea who this Babaji was but I kept him in my therapy room on my mantlepiece (I was a shiatsu practitioner at the time).  One of my clients came along and knew who he was.  I liked the story.  I liked Babaji.  So I started praying to him. It felt right.  That’s all.  I had a personal connection with a guru man I had never met, nor read about. He didn’t even have a body that I knew about. But, it felt right and perfect to pray to him.

I wrote this prayer way back then:


With your blessing

I let me grow

I embrace the wholeness that beckons me with love

Let me be instrumental in bringing peace to our world



Let me surrender to it all

I guess it was my mantra except I didn’t know what a mantra was!

Many years later…… in 2000, I had this powerful dream

In the dream I danced with a beautiful brown skinned man without a shirt in a large, beautiful room. It felt incredibly healing and exquisite.  The perfect expression of sensual love. The divine marriage.  As we danced, the roof of the building popped off and the windows flew out.  We were in this beautiful vista of mountains and sky.  It was a magical dream.

This dream stayed with me for many years and unfolded in unexpected ways.

I had this dream just before I created Wu Tao.  So initially I thought the dream was about that. The birth of a spiritual healing dance.

Then I met Steve who created the music for Wu Tao. My soul mate.  He symbolised the man I had always longed for. The divine marriage. Of course we danced and created a powerful modality together so I thought the dream was about him!

Then Steve and I  went to Babaji’s ashram in Herakhan India.  When we arrived and visited the main temple I broke down in tears.  Here was the room in my dream, complete with mountainous vista!  I had found my way home at last!  Home to my inner Guru, symbolised by Babaji and the dancing man in the dream.  By a miracle we were invited to dance in the temple on the last day of our visit.  I still don’t know how that happened but somehow it did.  It was a magical experience.


So you can see from this story that LOVE has been working, calling and leading me home home throughout my life, just as it is working on YOU, calling to YOU, leading YOU home.  It is always working on all of us!  There is so much relief in knowing this and remembering that throughout our life journey we are always safe, supported and loved.

We can answer the call to LOVE and make the journey easier, by devoting ourselves to it. We can make LOVE more important than anything else in this world and let it work it’s magic on us and through us.

LOVE is bigger than any one,  yet it can reach us through everything and everyone in our world if we ask.  We can’t see it yet it’s within us and we can access it anytime, any place and any where.  It’s inside!

Babaji has been my symbol of LOVE.  There are many other symbols to choose from, the guru or inner teacher being the part of our minds that knows only LOVE.  Call it what you want, relate to it as you like, but look for it, yearn for it and it will be there.

I found this beautiful mantra  (you can purchase it here) the words of it mean:

“I surrender to the feet of the Guru, and find my refuge in God”

You can listen to it here:

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I hope you enjoy.   Wishing you a happy happy Valentine’s Day