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Welcome to 2013 a year of growth and creativity

Hi everyone,

My apologies for the lateness of this newsletter! I have been in the process of healing an injured shoulder. Its been a beautiful yet challenging journey as the pain has brought to the surface many unconscious beliefs and patterns that I have needed to let go of in order to move forward with more ease and flow. Wow! The ‘shoulder’ had forced me to not ‘do’ anything. This has been rather interesting for me! and yet the bliss of reconnecting with my Self has been worth it! I have been learning and growing so much through this experience and my connection to Spirit has been strengthened.

I’m excited to be moving into this new era with you! According to many spiritual traditions we have now entered a cycle of rejuvenation and peace. These are the times we have been waiting for. We have come to a point where we can consciously remember who we are and live from this awareness. I’m thrilled to be sharing the journey with each and every one of you, as we remember who we are. Our challenge now is to live from our hearts and not be enticed by the old paradigm of separation and fear. Every moment presents a new opportunity to say “yes” to life, love and joy; the only reality that is truly ours.

“Love is all there is. I surrender to love”

Our gift to the world is to remember this and live it in our lives every moment. This is my commitment and resolution for 2013. Will you join me?

This season we are celebrating the Earth Element; the Earth is our home. In Chinese Medicine it is the element that sustains and nurtures us. It rules the digestive organs of the stomach and the spleen, helping us to digest our life experiences and become more of who we are.

My favourite analogy for the Earth element, and truly the heart of Wu Tao, is that of receiving everything that is offered from Life , with gratitude and non-resistance. The Earth says:

“open your heart
open your mind
open your body
and receive what I am offering
you for your growth and healing”

Reflect on this; whatever comes your way (consciously or unconsciously), you have asked for! Nothing in your experience of reality is accidental. Everything, absolutely everything is there for your healing and evolvement. So, say “yes!” and “thank you!”

Life will never let you down, just as the Earth is always beneath your feet. The energy is always available for your healing. Gratitude will help you to receive and integrate the experience, so that you can come home to your SELF.

The Wu Tao Dance process is particularly helpful for when the experience of life becomes difficult or challenging. I encourage you to take your current challenges into the dance.

If you are new to Wu Tao, find your nearest teacher here.

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We are looking forward to dancing and sharing more Wu Tao offerings with you in 2013.