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Why it’s SO important to Restore your Yin Qi Energy

Beautiful Woman!

I have to ask you some questions.

  • How do you nourish your precious feminine essence?
  • Do you make time to nurture your inner self?
  • Do you know what it means to balance your Yin energy?

I’m here to remind you of the importance of attending to these questions and share with you the reasons why it’s vital that you do.

So what is feminine essence? Feminine essence is the yin component of Life force energy. Life force energy or Qi, is the energy that creates everything. It’s in everything, Inanimate objects to all living things. It means that everything has life. Even the walls of your house have Qi! Qi flows through every particle in the universe, in fact it’s what the universe is made up of. Human beings, like all other living creatures,  have a specialised Qi flow system that enables us to be in a healthy body and live a long, purposeful happy life. Within our bodies, our Qi is differentiated to do different tasks, such as breathing, digestion, metabolism and elimination. Make sense? So Yin Qi or essence Qi is our deepest source of nourishment. It’s stored in our kidneys. It’s a little hard to describe the whole process but the basic understanding is that when we are not replenishing our Yin Qi or feminine essence, our body is not able to rejuvenate cells and tissues, maintain 100% organ function and metabolise energy properly. Eventually, when we run out of Yin Qi according to Chinese Medicine our time in this body will be up. On the way to that point, our body/mind will start to lose function and ability. We can call this ageing, but it’s more that the natural process or linear ageing. It’s the breakdown of the natural right functioning of the body and Qi energy.

Why is this so important for us women? Well we use Yin Qi in different ways to men. We deplete it through our reproductive cycle. Menstruation and having babies depletes our Yin essence. On top of that, our very busy and stressful lives do not allow us to take time to restore our Yin. This is the one thing it is so important to do if we want to have a healthy, vibrant body and mind for our whole and long lifespan.  Nobody wants to end up unhealthy, riddled with disease, no quality of life and an early death!  

So what’s so important about our feminine essence and why does it need replenishing? To answer this question is a cinch.

Think of your life. Right now.
Become aware of what’s going on in your life and the state of your mind.
Notice how full it is. How busy.
Notice what’s pulling at you.
Where is your energy going?

Your family, your career, your relationships?
Notice what’s worrying you.
What concerns you in your life.
How often are you pondering on these things?


Now the question to ask is how often do you take time out of your thinking and doing, to stop and simply be? I mean really be. Without thinking of what’s next, who’s next, the problem, the solution or what to cook for dinner.  Seriously how often do you do this?

In nursing practice we measure pain using a 1-10 scale and what is known as an abbey pain score. I’ve made up a similar scale to help you work out where you are on the yin/yang energy balance scale.

Try it out for yourself and see how you sit on the energy scale.

Circle the number which best represents how much energy you devote to the subject. 10 being the most, 0 being the least.

Energy devoted to family

Yin 0         1           2           3           4           5           6           7           8           9           10  Yang


Energy devoted to intimate relationships

Yin 0         1           2           3           4           5           6           7           8           9           10  Yang


Energy devoted to work/career

Yin 0         1           2           3           4           5           6           7           8           9           10  Yang


Energy devoted to conflict/problem resolution

Yin 0         1           2           3           4           5           6           7           8           9           10  Yang


Energy devoted to emotional disturbances – ie worry/anxiety/fear/sadness

Yin 0         1           2           3           4           5           6           7           8           9           10  Yang


Energy devoted to negative thinking ie. worrying/ruminating/obsessing/denigrating

Yin 0         1           2           3           4           5           6           7           8           9           10  Yang


Energy devoted to self care

Yang 0         1           2           3           4           5           6           7           8           9           10  Yin


Energy  devoted to  nature

Yang 0         1           2           3           4           5           6           7           8           9           10  Yin


Energy devoted to rest and relaxation

Yang  0         1           2           3           4           5           6           7           8           9           10  Yin 


Energy devoted to life affirming thoughts ie grateful/appreciative/uplifting

Yang 0         1           2           3           4           5           6           7           8           9           10  Yin


Energy devoted to spiritual practice

Yang 0         1           2           3           4           5           6           7           8           9           10  Yin


Energy devoted to restorative exercise

Yang 0         1           2           3           4           5           6           7           8           9           10  Yin



Hello again! So where do you sit on the scale of Yin/Yang? 

You may have discovered that a LOT of your energy is going towards what we call Yang movement of energy, and not much energy is flowing IN or towards Yin movement of energy. (If that’s not the case and you have a lovely balance between the two congratulations! We want to hear how you do it).

Sweetie, I have to ask you, how do you think you are going to stay on top of your game if you are  not replenishing yourself and staying connected with your precious inner being? Let me just tell you, it’s not possible. You cannot expect to have a long, happy and healthy life if you are not attending to your YIN. As a woman it is vitally important that you learn and know how to restore and replenish your energy from the source. Not doing so exposes you to a whole bunch of things that I know you want to avoid thinking about, still I feel it’s my duty as a health professional and healer to remind you of them.

Here is a short list of the impact of NOT attending to your YIN.

  • Stress
  • Ill health
  • Disease
  • Overweight
  • Hormone problems
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Dysfunctional relationships
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Family breakdown
  • Emotional overload

I’m not going to go into detail about all of these now, suffice to say these conditions are not what you want in your life and will not lead you to inner peace, health and joy!

There are so many ways to restore the Yin/Yang balance in your life and I’m going to share one with you today. It doesn’t take long and it’s super easy and really beautiful. I guarantee you’ll feel peaceful and rejuvenated after it.  I’ve written it all below and you can also download it here to take with you when you take your walk into nature.

  • Take a walk in nature.
  • Walk to your favourite natural spot and sit or lie down (take a blanket).
  • Tune in to the environment around you.
  • Look around you. What do you see?
  • Really look and absorb what you can take in with your eyes.
  • Close your eyes. Take some deep breaths and open yourself to feel into the environment.
  • What do you sense? Feel the earth, the wind, the sun, the trees. Whatever is around you.
  • Listen. What can you hear?
  • Birds singing, rustle of leaves? Notice and absorb these sounds.
  • Breath deeply now and feel into your own body.
  • Notice what is going on in your body with no judgement
  • Breath and open yourself up to receive energy from nature.
  • It’s natural for energy to flow.
  • Allow nature around you to restore the flow to you.
  • Breath into your heart
  • Breath out any tension. Relax.
  • Breath out any problems and anxiety.
  • Breath in the peace of nature
  • Repeat this step as many times as you need until you feel calm energised and peaceful
  • Give thanks for what you have received.

Here’s the link to download again Restore your Qi Nature Meditation

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