Wu Tao Sacred Dance Ceremonies

Why these ceremonies and why now?

The world is in a period of tremendous change and flux. Now, more that ever, we all need ways to bring ourselves back to our natural state of peace, joy and connection with the Divine. We dance not only for ourselves, but for all humanity and for the earth. We extend ourselves beyond our own small world into the hearts and minds of others in a way that is beautiful and transformative. With our intention clearly set, we dance our Selves and the new humanity of healed minds into being.

These ceremonies are a way for everyone to extend healing into our community.

If you don’t dance, no problem. The ceremony involves dancers and non-dancers alike. There is no dogma, it doesn’t matter what religion you are. We come together as one human family.

We warmly invite you to join us for these ceremonies

Please contact one of the facilitators below if you wish to come and join us in one of our sacred ceremonies.  Booking is Essential so please call to register.

Apollo Bay Melbourne Victoria
Contact: Louise Fairney 0429 403 498

Mt Martha Melbourne Victoria
Contact: Diana Bonwick 0409 007 212

Perth WA
9.00am – 11.00am
Boolymburra Park – Serpent circle Corner of Steven and Montreal St White Gum Valley (call if raining for alternative venue)
Contact Michelle Locke 0417 989 397

Denmark WA
Contact Jacquie Walker 0427 277 803