Dance to Relieve Stress

Are you looking for a fun, energising and effective way to relieve stress and anxiety? Perhaps you’re tired of relying on unhealthy ways to unwind, or want to combine exercise with relaxation? Wu Tao – the Dancing Way© is a complete dance relaxation therapy that combines the power of meditation, dance and music. It is ideal for participants of all ages and physical abilities; you don’t need to be a yoga master or even a great dancer to learn the dances and complete the moves with ease and grace. You’ll love how relaxed, centred and energised you feel after each class.

More about stress relief through dance

There have been several studies which have shown how participants and students have used dance to reduce stress, both in a clinical and non-clinical setting. Recently, a paper published in the American Journal of Dance Therapy linked tango training, meditation and exercise with reductions in stress and improvements in insomnia. Another study in 2004 by three American universities examined the psychological and neuroendocrine (specifically, the stress hormone cortisol) effect of taking yoga and African dance classes, with positive results in terms of perceived stress amongst the participants. There is a wealth of evidence that shows that combining dance with relaxation modalities is effective and enjoyable for participants of all ages.

If you’re interested in finding out more about stress relief through dance, we invite you to contact your closest instructor or come to a Wu Tao event.