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Instructor Retreat

7 days In bali

13 – 20 November 2017

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Learn how to live and teach the Wu Tao Way.

The fastest way to healing is through helping others. Discover a way to combine passion with purpose as you learn the skills to dance yourself to vibrant health. At an Instructor retreat you learn to connect with yourself and help others, becoming an accredited Wu Tao Instructor.

On the retreat you will also:

Experience the healing nature of wu tao
take home practical skills to balance yourself when you need it
reconnect with your body, mind and spirit
connect with an empowering community of like-minded people

What does it cost?

It’s our mission to make our Wu Tao Instructor’s program accessible to everyone and anyone. That’s why we allow you to choose how you want to study. You can complete you training per course level, or you can purchase the training in full for a generous discount.

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Foundation Course – $1200

Embodiment Course – $1200

Mastery Training – $2400

Complete Training – $4800

India Dreaming 2018

15 days in India

Thurs 11 to Sun 25 March

Come to Haidakhan Viswa Mahadam Ashram, in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Come and experience perfect peace, bliss and joy at Navaratri Festival 2018.

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Surrender to heart

7 days In bali

Dates to be confirmed

Take your inner process to a new level with exploration of your deepest self.

Bring your spirit and body back to alignment over 7 days in tropical Bali learning Wu Tao Dances in this retreat designed to bring you peace and healing.

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Body, Heart & Mind Alignment Workshop

1 Day in Various Locations

Dates to be confirmed

Discover clarity, peace, confidence and renewed sense of joy.

In this one day workshop, you’ll have opportunity to reflect on where you are in your life, clear out energy blockages, get on the higher vibration of Life Energy as it’s flowing today.

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Seasonal Retreats

3 days In Melbourne / Aus.

Dates to be confirmed

Give your body, mind and spirit the chance to change with the seasons at one of our Seasonal Retreats.

Restore your vitality at our Winter events, find new energy at our Spring retreat, and discover your purpose at Dance Yourself to Health.

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