15 - 28 March 2018


    Have you always wanted to go to India but never had the right opportunity?

    Are you craving for a deeper connection to the Divine?

    Come and join me for the trip of a lifetime in 2018!



    Come to Haidakhan Viswa Mahadam Ashram, in the foothills of the Himalayas.


    Step out of the raging river of life and immerse yourself in powerful ancient ceremonies that will transform you at the deepest level.

    The ashram was founded by a Divine spiritual mystic, Sri Sri Babaji and has the most amazingly high spiritual vibration

    Babaji’s teachings are universal and simple: Live in truth, simplicity and Love.  The ashram is a place to reconnect to your own divine heart and receive healing and guidance for your life direct from Babaji. His teachings come in many forms, but everyone who is devoted to the Divine receives his blessings.

    The sacredness and beauty of the natural surroundings brings a wonderful opportunity to cleanse and renew yourself at the deepest level.

    I invite you to experience perfect peace, bliss and joy at Navaratri Festival 2018

    Whilst at the ashram we will participate in Navaratri, also known as the Divine Mother Festival. This festival honours the Divine Mother as the universal creative power in all her manifestations. Every day of the 9 day celebration, a different face of the Divine Mother is honoured through ritual prayer and meditation. It is a journey of powerful transformation, healing and renewal for all who participate, the effects of which permeate one’s life for years afterwards.


    I humbly invite you to join me for this most divine and beautiful healing experience.  I will act as your guide and mentor, however, I encourage you to surrender completely to the Divine Mother and Babaji who are your true spiritual teachers.

    In addition to the myriad of unique ceremonies and powerful healing experiences you will encounter at the ashram, I will provide opportunities for you to integrate your experience through one-on-one sessions,  24 hour support and daily Wu Tao dance sessions to ground and balance you.


    It is said that the water of this river, Gautama Ganga which is a tributary of the Ganges, cleanses you from past errors and memories. Haidakhan is the birthplace of all yogis and is a source of inspiration to all who visit. According to Babaji, no-one gets to Herakhan without his blessing and permission.  One day in Herakhan is equivalent to 12 years of spiritual growth in the outside world.

    Every particle of this place, Haidakhan Vishwa Mahadam, has the power to enlighten us. The fire is sacred, as it is considered the "Mouth of the Divine Mother". Sitting by the Dhuni (sacred fire pit) purifies one's vibrations.

    Babaji is one of the names for the Pure intent of Love as it manifests in it's many varied forms universally. At the ashram you are immersed in the full force of this energy and that of the Divine Feminine which we are celebrating over 9 nights of Navaratri. The energy is very high and because of this it pushes out everything inside you that is not high. Everyone surrenders in his/her own way and time. There is no pressure and you are free to immerse yourself in the myriad of colours, experiences and people that you encounter on the journey.

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      A typical day at the Ashram during Navaratri looks like this:

      • 4.30 sunrise
      • Wake and bathe in the sacred Ganga river.
      • Meditation and receive Chandan (the application of sandalwood paste to the forehead) It clears your mind instantly.
      • Aarti – ritual singing in the temple followed by ceremonies to the Divine Mother in the forms of the goddesses Saraswati, Lakshmi and Durga.
      • Late morning is the Big Fire Ceremony called Havan.
      • Lunch and a rest
      • Further ceremonies by the yogis and reading of the Divine Mother Verses in the afternoon.
      • Bath before sunset.
      • Evening Aarti which is joyful, grounding and often involves lots of clapping and dancing.

      Included in Haidakhan itinerary:

      • 2 nights shared accommodation in Delhi with breakfast
      • Shopping trip for Indian clothes for Ashram
      • Train journey from Delhi to Haldwani
      • Taxi Haldwani – Haidakhan
      • 10 nights at Ashram including lunch
      • 1-day hike to local Mount Kailash (optional)
      • Taxi Haidakhan – Haldwani
      • Train journey Haldwani – Delhi
      • 1 night shared accommodation in Delhi
      • Transfer to airport
      • Trip organisation, accompaniment, personal mentoring and support from Michelle

      Excluded costs

      • Airfares to Delhi
      • Meals in Delhi and Haldwani except breakfast
      • Visas
      • Travel insurance
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      • All monies must be paid by January 28, 2018

      • A fee of $500 applies to cancellations

      • No cancellations will be accepted after January 28, 2018

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      Michelle Locke, will guide and facilitate your transformation and healing. Michelle has journeyed to Herakhan Ashram many times. She will support and mentor you with gentle compassion and lightness.

      Michelle Locke has helped transform the lives of thousands of students.

      Helping you heal is her greatest pleasure.


      Herakhan is a place full of love and beauty.
      Going there you never know what your experience will be like
      - it could be full on and challenging, it could be just heaven.
      You get what you need not what you want.
      But it will change your life in a positive and transforming way, that much is certain.
      Michelle has been to Herakhan many times, she knows its seen and unseen ways
      and will be an amazing helper to support you on your journey.
      Deep grattitude to all those who tend this place with their
      love, time and energy.
      Bhole baba ki jai! (India Retreat 2016)

      - Jessica, Germany

      I really had no idea what I would experience at the retreat, but was more than happy with how it all turned out. I’ve never felt that I could dance. I’m usually so stiff being an ex-sportswoman, but after the wonderful meditation, stretches, and relaxing chats with new friends, I found that dancing came very naturally to me! (NSW retreat 2016)

      - Cath , Sydney NSW

      This week has been such a transformation, bringing back lots of joy and creativity into my soul. The kind and soft teaching of Michelle has opened a large door into my soul. (Training Retreat 2012)

      - Emmanuelle, Australia

      Thank you for a soul connecting workshop of music and dance. The retreat venue for the retreat was excellent and the food just delicious.  Michelle’s gentleness, good explanation of the movements and philosophy created a great learning environment. I look forward to joining future retreats and workshops! (NSW Retreat 2016)

      - MaryAnne, New Zealand



      Frequently Asked Questions

      • Q.How much does it cost to attend the retreat?

        A.Your investment to attend the complete retreat is $2800

        This includes everything except your airfares, a few meals, travel insurance and visa.

      • Q.Where is the retreat held?

        A.The retreat starts in Delhi India and from there, we travel to Herakhan Ashram for 9 nights of transformational experience. The retreat ends in Delhi for one last night of integration before heading home.

      • Q.I haven’t done Wu Tao before, can I join this retreat?

        A.Absolutely yes. I will personally guide you through a  Wu Tao dance session every day. You’ll have time to learn and experience the deep inner balance and healing that comes from a daily practice.


      • Q.Will I be able to take my practice back home?

        A.The personal spiritual practice you develop on this retreat will help you maintain peace and balance in your life back home. You will never be quite the same after experiencing the pure bliss of Herakhan and embodying this in the dance.

      • Q.I feel like I need a break, will I have time to reflect myself?

        A.This journey to India will bring you many opportunities for self reflection. Every day at the ashram is filled with new experiences which will challenge your ‘normal’. It’s a great wake-up call and many people leave here having shed old patterns that no longer serve them.


      • Q.What do I need to bring to the retreat?

        A.You will need to bring a sleeping bag and other supplies to the ashram to ensure your journey is comfortable. We will send you all the details of what you need once you have registered.

      • Q.I have some health issues. How will I manage these on the retreat?

        A.I will help you manage your health issues on the retreat. Some conditions or severe disability may exclude you from the retreat. Contact me to discuss any health issues you are concerned about prior to registering, and we can discuss your needs.


      • Q. I am feeling really off track and stressed in my life, and need a break. Will this retreat help me?

        A.Life can be tough and I know you face many stresses. It might seem hard for you to take this trip, but believe me, you won’t regret it.

        Self care is essential and if you’re looking for a safe space to reduce your stress, you’ll find it at this retreat. You will also gain many skills and deep wisdom that will inform you for the rest of your life.


      Let’s talk. Get in touch and we can discuss how you can find what you’re looking for through Wu Tao.