Reduce stress with dance meditation training

Wu Tao – the Dancing Way© combines meditation, dance and music, making for a kind of meditation through dance. It’s a beautifully relaxing yet energising experience that has been likened to tai chi in that it’s calm, controlled and graceful; the carefully composed music and unique movements add multi-dimensionality and interest to each different routine. Wu Tao is growing in popularity as dance meditation for women; many Wu Tao classes and events around the world are now presented by female teachers, dedicated to creating a comfortable environment for women who are new to group exercise and meditation. Wu Tao is open to men and women of all ages and physical abilities.

Become a dance meditation teacher

Are you interested in introducing the power of meditation through dance to a wider audience? Do you already enjoy the benefits of Wu Tao, and want to share it with your community? Opportunities are now available for becoming an accredited Wu Tao instructor. There are three levels of courses which involve comprehensive Wu Tao training as well as leadership and business training, and a final ‘Instructor’s Circle Membership’ membership which is required for official accreditation. If you’re interested in dance meditation training, read more here.