Master your Qi the Feminine Way

Foundations of the Movement


Foundation #1 Family

Every person has gifts to share with the world.

We support each and every person to open up and contribute.  

Tolerance, non-judgement, acceptance and healthy boundaries are vital to our success as a community. 

We are one humanity and yet we are incredibly unique individuals. We appreciate both.


Foundation #2 Spirituality

We believe in our connectedness to the whole.  

We take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions.  

Life is like a river. We do not push against the flow. We find a way to navigate the flow that is authentic to our truth in that moment.


Foundation #3 Work

We align what we do in the world with our highest expression of self.  

There are ample opportunities for everyone to contribute to society and be rewarded for it. 

We help each other grow in the workplace by providing support, encouragement and feedback.


Foundation #4 Contribution

We know that true giving comes from an overflowing cup, therefore we look after ourselves well and maintain a balanced healthy life.

We are passionately committed to being our best selves, knowing this will have a positive impact on the world around us. 

We value our contribution big or small, knowing that all movements ripple out into the ocean and have an effect on the world.


Foundation #5 Lifestyle

We understand we co-create our reality and therefore choose to be responsible for our thoughts, choices and actions in life.

We honour and respect ourselves knowing we are always doing the best we can, and extend the same to others.

We choose love over fear, peace over conflict, trust over anxiety and forgiveness over anger as much as we are capable of in our daily lives.