Course in Inner Transformation

Course in Inner Transformation




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Course in Inner Transformation

Wu Tao transforms lives.  Dancing the elements brings you back into balance with the natural flow of life and is a powerful healing process that restores health on every level. To assist you in your Wu Tao journey we have created a new course that will take you deep into the heart of Life and your Self.

As you journey through the elements in this course, you will discover your true nature and transform old patterns that are negatively influencing your life.

The Course in Inner Transformation will help you remember what is true and what is not.

It will give you an opportunity to deepen your connection to Life and the Life-force energy through using the Wu Tao dances, process work, meditation and creative self expression.

This program will give you a space in which you can truly come to know yourself as one with Life energy flowing through your body and you will begin to be able to surrender ever deeper to this movement of energy.

This course will give you:

  • The ability to flow with Life as it manifests.
  • Increased energy levels, as blocked energy is freed up in the body.
  • Greater trust in Life and in your own process.
  • An ability to move through difficult situations both internal and external with greater awareness and less resistance
  • A sense of inner peace.
  • Emotional and mental balance
  • Increased physical well-being

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