Dance Yourself To Health With Wu Tao

Dance Yourself To Health With Wu Tao



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Wu Tao is for busy people.    Wu Tao is for everyone!

Fun, easy, effective dance movements… Producing results faster than you ever believed possible…

The best beginner Wu Tao Dance DVD ever created. Results guaranteed.

“To dance is to be out of yourself.  Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.” ~Agnes De Mille

The benefits of Wu Tao Dance can be felt in just one hour.

Wu Tao is perfect for seniors, children, working peoplebusy peopleparents, and for all people dealing with STRESS, depression, arthritis,diabetes and many other chronic health problems

We are devoted to helping thousands of busy people benefit from a little Wu tao Dance every day. This DVD teaches the simple, and flowing dance movements, done to evocative beautiful music.   This is an easy, fun way to to learn Wu Tao.

“Easy, yet deeply fulfilling. 
Simply “user-friendly”.
Nothing fancy, nothing too complex to do,
But filled with fascinating content.
Wu Tao takes the best of all worlds – east and west,
and combines them into one delightful dance learning experience.”

Wu Tao Dance produces results – with joy, not struggle.

If you feel stressed, depressed or anxious, Wu Tao can help you return to a state of inner peace.

If you are over weight, a tad unfit or suffering nagging muscular pain, Wu Tao can help you improve your metabolism, increase energy levels and restore the flow of energy to your muscles and organs.

Has the economy got you down?

Quit worrying. Use this time to learn Wu Tao at home.
We will help you relax, feel great AND save money.

We offer this Wu Tao DVD so that it can be done to fit any schedule, Anytime, anywhere. It is simple, easy and profoundly effective. Please read on.

“Wu Tao – Dancing the Elements Beginners DVD” can make a big difference for healthy, but very busy people as well as the eldery, children and people with health problems.

Benefits include: stress reduction, better focus and concentration, increased flexibility, improved strength, enhanced immune system, better balance, improved memory, improved circulation, and increased coordination.

“I am a nurse healer (semi-retired) and have studied body energies and meridians since the early 70s.  I have tried for many years to find an exercise program  that suits me and I can stick to. I needed to improve my flexibility and I am excited  by what I have experienced so far with your Wu Tao program.

Glad to have found you!”  (P. Abbott)

I received your DVD this week, thank you so much.  I am so very impressed by what you have created with Wu Tao Dance.

Many bright blessings, (D. Seale)

Be guided through each of the 5 core dances by founder Michelle Locke.  The DVD is easy to follow and with Michelle talking you through every move so you won’t feel alone when learning.


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