Good Morning Lovelies!

We made it to the end together! Well done! I hope you’ve enjoyed the program. Today we do one last day of cleansing foods and celebrate moving into 2018 with energy, vision and clarity!

Here’s the menu planner for today. Use it as a guide and change it up or swap out recipes as your heart desires! The table below will take you to the recipe page.

Today we focus on celebrating and visioning! You can join me live in the meeting from here

Here’s the link again:  Meet me Here on Saturday 13th @ 0930 Perth time

If you can’t make it, I’ll record the session and post it to you.

To complete our awesome week of cleansing and alignment we are going to make a mind map!

I love making mind maps!

Here’s how to do it:

Find yourself a quiet space for 2 hours. Bring with you a large piece of cardboard (A1 size is great), a bunch of magazines, glue, scissors and coloured pens.

Make yourself comfortable then ask yourself these questions:

What is it that I truly desire to create in my life? 

What is my deepest heart felt intention for my life today?

Answering these questions requires that you know and be who you are.  Who you are is a divine creative spark of Divine energy, capable of creation.  You are the creator of your life!  Together with the other aspect of your Self (creative energy or Qi) you can bring forth what you are aligned with easily. Being who you are means being able to rest in your inner being, feeling and knowing your oneness and connection with source/spirit/god.

Hang out there in the zone for a bit and imagine your life exactly as you want it.  Picture it in perfect detail and as you do so, feel the joy and peace and fulfilment of this creation. 

Now let’s put it out there!

Put on some of your favourite music and create a symbol of your 2018 on your board. 

Cut out and glue images that resonate with this. Make an image of beauty and energy and vibe!

When you’ve finished, put it somewhere where you can see it daily. Enjoy it! Let it manifest in perfect timing with your Divine Self. 

Complete your Qi Alignment work today by doing the Makko Ho stretches.

Say these statements along with the stretches for extra alignment! Breathe deeply.

  • Air stretch – Lung and Large Intestine  –  “I create with Air”
  • Earth Stretch –  “I create with Water”
  • Fire Stretch –  Heart and Small Intestine  – “I create with Fire”
  • Water stretch  – Kidney and Bladder  – “I create with Water”
  • Fire Stretch – Heart Constrictor and Triple Heater – “I create with Fire”
  • Wood stretch  – Liver and Gall Bladder  –  “I create with Wood”


When you’ve done your Qi Alignment Process for the day, Share your experience on the facebook page.

I’ll see you there! Have a gorgeous day beautiful. It’s been a great week and thank you so much for participating!

Much love Michelle x x