Good Morning Lovelies!

Welcome to Day One of our Qi Alignment Retreat!

Today we are going to set the plan for the week ahead. I’m hoping you can join me for the online meeting but if not, don’t worry, you can listen to the recording later and you’ll find everything you need to get started below.

Over the next week we are going to implement some easy Qi Alignment strategies including a physical cleanse, Qi flow exercises and meditations to free and align our Qi. I’ve kept it short and simple so we can all stay with the program.

So what does Qi Alignment mean exactly?

So Qi is the Life Force energy. It’s in everything, every animate and inanimate object. Most of us can’t see Qi, but you can sense or feel it. Qi is the underlying fabric of the universe. It’s directly connected to the Source which we might call Spirit, Divine, Love or God. Whatever word we use it doesn’t matter. Qi is the flow of energy that connects us to Oneness – which is who we really are.

To really get a sense of oneness (love or peace), we need to be free of everything that tells us otherwise which I call the little self or ego. The little self is made up of all the separating thoughts and judgements about ourselves, others and the world. They always breed fear, anxiety, worry and anger.

These are the things that keep us out of alignment with Qi and knowing who we really are as Love. These emotions and thoughts block the flow of Qi. When it’s blocked we can’t feel Life, we lack energy and vitality and we forget who we are.

When Qi is flowing we get to feel who we are as inner peace, joy and love. This manifests as a sense of well-being and trust. We have energy, vitality and physical health. So always our process is about releasing what is not aligned with Life so we can have Life.

So today being our first day we will start with a reflection on what we are holding on to from the past year.

  • Grab your journal and pens and find a quiet nurturing space to hang out in for a little while.
  • When you are ready take 10 deep relaxing breaths to centre yourself.
  • Now just reflect on the year past.
  • What appeared in the movie of your life last year?
  • Notice what stands out as ‘big experiences’.
  • You might want to reflect on what you learned or gained from these.
  • What lessons did you learn?
  • What challenges did you overcome?
  • What opportunities were presented to you through these experiences?
  • Try to reflect without judging yourself. Be kind and detached.
  • You might like to write your reflections down or draw them in your journal.
  • Take 5 more deep breaths and drop into your body a little bit more.
  • Allow yourself to drop into your heart and body.
  • Now what were you left with?
  • Are you carrying any trauma, stress, judgements or strong emotions from your experiences?
  • Are they still with you?
  • Relax and notice what is there for you.
  • Again, write your reflections down or draw them in your journal.

For the rest of the day we are going to be very gentle and loving towards ourselves. Sitting with our awareness of the past year. Just being with ourselves and everything we have held with us in our bodies and hearts. We don’t need to change anything right now. We are going to practice loving gentle awareness. Try not to judge yourself, others or the world today with what you’ve discovered. Be compassionate towards yourself. You’ve done an amazing job in navigating through the year. You can allow yourself this time to feel how it really was for you and rest there.

Physical Cleanse Preparation

To prepare yourself for the physical cleanse that will start tomorrow, go here. Check out the meal plans and decide what you need to purchase for your first day depending on your food preferences. You’ll find a basic shopping list there to make it super easy but you may need to change it up to suit your preferences.

Here’s the link again align-qi-detox

I’ll see you in the facebook group where we can share and support each other through the week.

Much love and blessings to you beautifuls!

Love Michelle x x