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  • How you can heal yourself in about 30 minutes a day, using nothing more than your own body
  • The moving story of how a Mum and Dancer from Western Australia turned her own grief into an incredible healing tool for people around the world
  • What Wu Tao is and how you can use it to transform your body, mind and spirit
  • The simple movements that will significantly decrease your levels of stress and anxiety
  • Why Wu Tao will lessen your chronic pain, such as back pain, arthritis and headaches
  • The reason you’re feeling over-emotional, out of balance and just generally “off”… and how to fix it!
  • How to boost your (and your family’s) immune AND prevent illness and disease using simple movements and ancient Chinese wisdom

Dear Friend

They say in order to appreciate sunshine, we must know rain..

Is it true?

Who knows?..

What I know is.. I’ve had my share of “rain”.

My beautiful baby daughter’s illness (and eventual passing)

plunged me down into

The darkest depths of grief a mother could ever imagine

That’s more than rain.

That’s a perfect storm.

A hurricane.

A tidal wave.

And yet.. That same experienced changed my life.

My body..

My health..

And now it's helping thousands of people, all around the world.

So I guess you could call that “sunshine”.

Whatever it is, I know my darling girl is smiling down at me.




Hi, my name is Michelle.

Listen, I want to share something with you.

Okay, it starts a little ways back..

You see, my whole life, I’ve known I wanted to be a dancer.

Ever since I was a little girl.

It’s as though there was no other option to me. Dancing was it.

So I followed my calling and became a classical ballerina with the West Australian Ballet Company.

It was a dream come true, and I felt as though I was really living my purpose.


I suffered a serious back injury
and just like that.. my career was over.

To be honest, it felt like my whole life was over.

Have you ever felt like that?

Your hopes, dreams and plans just dashed in the blink of an eye…

It’s devastating.

Sort of like you’ve been winded.. and had sand thrown in your eyes at the same time.

You can’t seem to find steady footing or possibly see where to go from here..

But I knew I needed to trust, and seek a new path.

And so I started studying natural medicine (something I’d always been interested in), specialising in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu.

And it was great. I felt as though I’d really found my place.

I was teaching Shiatsu, had remarried, and given birth to my second child… A beautiful daughter who I named Isabelle.

Everything was wonderful.

But then..

When Isabelle was about a year old
she had a seizure

And over the next few months she developed a serious seizure disorder… which turned out to be the precursor for a genetic disorder, known as Rett Syndrome.

What happens with Rett Syndrome is that the little babies grow normally for a while and then at about 18 months old… they begin to regress and lose all their skills.

On top of that they develop stereotypical movements and problems specific to Rett Syndrome.

My darling Belle nearly died so many times..
and while she lost ground, we struggled to maintain hope

The worry and pain I felt was tremendous. Unlike anything I’d ever known in my life.

I’ll never forget the night I dragged myself off to bed, leaving my husband in front of the TV, dealing with his own suffering…

I cried so much with fear and worry that
my body physically hurt

And then..

It’s sort of hard to explain what occurred next..

Something just..happened.

You see I realised that as much pain as I was in, I was actually resisting feeling the pain for real.

Sort of like I was pushing it deep down inside and only feeling the edges of it.

I was stuck in my head.


Looking for solutions and plain worrying myself sick!

So.. I gave up.

I let myself feel my grief and fear fully.

..There was a lot of it.

In fact, it seemed as though there was no end to it!

But after a while.. I started to feel better.

I was still here.

So was Belle.

And yes, so were her problems..

But somewhere along the way I decided to accept what was and give up the worry, which would have probably killed me if I kept going the way I was!

What came next has changed my life.

And not just my life.. but also that of
thousands of people all around the world


Do You Need Healing?

But listen, before I get to that, let me ask you some questions.

Are you dealing with grief right now?

Are you in pain?

Do you suffer from stress, anxiety or depression?

Do you feel over-emotional or overwhelmed by life?

Have you got any health issues that are stopping you from living your life fully?

Maybe things like fatigue, joint pain, stiffness, inflexibility or other physical problems?

Do you ever wish you had more energy or motivation?

Maybe you just feel.. off.

You know, that sort of..malaise you just can’t quite put your finger on.

There’s nothing wrong with you but you feel…





Your body aches..

You feel out of balance and out of step with your true self.

Maybe it’s the way the world is heading. All this technology.The disconnect from nature and each other.

And the constant Go! Go! Go! You’re trying to look after your little ones, be present for your loved ones and aware and conscious of your surroundings.

Really it’s no wonder you’re feeling out of balance.

Sometimes I truly wonder how we do it.

Well I have a beautiful, gentle, POWERFUL way
for you to heal yourself, regain your balance,
and rid yourself of those feelings

You see looking after Belle and adjusting to the new life that brought, I was feeling all of those things.

Sure.. I had let go and accepted the situation.

And absolutely, yes, I felt a lot better.

But that hadn’t fixed everything.

I was still feeling sluggish, tired, sad, listless. My body ached.

So I started to do what I always did. And that was dance.

My back injury meant that I wasn’t a ballerina any more but my love of dance never left me.

So I’d dance.

Just at home.

And I’d meditate.

And I began to incorporate some of the things I’d learned about Qi during my time studying Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I’d move and dance in ways that I knew would balance my Qi

(I’ll explain more about what Qi is in a minute but in the meantime, think of it as your life energy.)

And you know what? I noticed a big difference.

I had heaps of energy.

I Was Happier!


My stress fell away.

I felt healthy, grounded, and present.

And more than anything, I knew I’d discovered something that would help a lot of people.

And so, in the winter of 2001, out of my love of dance and a desire to help others heal, Wu Tao was created.

Since then I’ve dedicated my life to sharing this work with people simply because I have seen the results it produces.

“If I go more than 3 days without practicing Wu Tao, my body and energy start to feel not so good..”

Hi Michelle, I just thought I’d write to thank you and to let you know that I’ve been dancing Wu Tao for close to a year now and I love it! Honestly, I’m usually about as graceful as an 18-wheeler and these easy, flowing moves finally let me feel a little more like a swan (now imagine a mix between a truck and a swan – lol!).
I’ve tried many exercise, tai chi and yoga routines over the years but as my mind and body are particularly sensitive, none of them have lasted more than a few weeks or felt interesting enough to pursue.
I love Wu Tao because it integrates movement, visuals and music and it seems to speak the same language as different parts of my body and energy, without my mental defences coming in to rain on that beautiful parade.
I usually dance every 2-3 days and I’ve noticed lately that if I go more than 3 days without practicing Wu Tao, my body and energy start to feel not so good and I want to get back to it. And it’s not an effort – yay! Anyway, thank you, Michelle, for making Wu Tao available. It’s been truly helpful to me.

Suzanne, Canada

So let me explain to you
exactly what Wu Tao is:

In the simplest terms, Wu Tao is a series of 5 powerful dances done to beautiful, original music.

And what it does is balances the energy (called Qi) in your body.

When your Qi is flowing properly it:

  • Increases your energy
  • Eases your stress levels
  • Restores balance
  • Energises your cells and organs
  • And brings your mind back to a natural state of clarity and peaceful, easy joy

To be specific..

Wu Tao works on the Chinese Medicine system of energy flow through a network of channels, called meridians.

And these meridians connect with your internal organs.

The 5 dances of Wu Tao relate to the 5 elements and stimulate energy flow through their corresponding organs and meridian system.

So by doing Wu Tao you are stimulating and toning all the organs of your body, which helps to prevent disease and restore health to organs already out of balance.

And the beauty of Wu Tao is that the dances can be learned easily and enjoyed by anyone.

It only takes about half an hour to do a whole dance meditation.

The beautiful, authentic music used for the dances
and meditations, has been specially composed by accomplished
and well respected  Australian musician, Steve Richter.

“The air music encourages transformation and release.
The water music is soothing and flowing, as is the water dance.
The wood music is alive with salsa rhythms that invite you to stretch and open the body, freeing up the Qi.
The fire music is a joyous celebration of heart and spirit.
But the highlight of the album is the earth music.
A divine prayer.
It creates an atmosphere of surrender
and deep gratitude for the earth and her gifts of life.”

~ Steve Richter

Over the years I’ve developed and refined Wu Tao
to be a really beautiful, effective healing tool.

“My optometrist is mystified and surprised..”

I have been doing Wu Tao for a year now and over that year I feel as though I’ve been freed. WuTao is physically and spiritually healing.
On a physical level, I have had two major healing experiences from WuTao. Last year, just as I was starting Wu Tao, I became very ill. Wu Tao greatly helped me make a full and rapid recovery, for which I’m most grateful.
Also while practicing Wu Tao I have experienced a great improvement in my eyesight. My optometrist is mystified and surprised by the improvement in my sight, but I am sure this is because Wu Tao works with the meridians, assisting with a number of areas the body. However, we should remember that everyone benefits differently to Wu Tao. Through my exploration of Wu Tao, I have found the benefits to be endless.

Jane, Melbourne Australia

Wu Tao truly is remarkable and..

The HEALTH BENEFITS it gives you are felt
throughout your entire body, mind and spirit

Wu Tao Has Been Shown to....


  • Reduce the physical symptoms of disease
  • Significantly decrease levels of stress and anxiety
  • Increase flexibility and improve strength
  • Enhance your immune system
  • Promote better circulation
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Increase feelings of general well-being
  • Reduce your insomnia
  • Lessen chronic pain, such as back pain, arthritis and headaches
  • Improve your energy levels
  • Prevent illness and disease
  • Improve your memory
  • Prevent disease and restore health to organs already out of balance
  • Stretch and tone your muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Alleviate chronic fatigue and arthritis

And recent studies have confirmed the benefits of Wu Tao for dementia sufferers.

According to Alzheimer’s Australia:

“Wu Tao dementia therapy can be an effective treatment for people with psychological, social, developmental, neurological, and physical challenges.”


Case Study- The Dancing Way

Wu Tao works powerfully and quickly…
bringing you back to balance and restoring your health


Wu Tao Helps You

  • Physically:  To strengthen and tone your body and increases the flow of energy
  • Emotionally:  To deal with stress and transform old feelings that weigh you down
  • Mentally:  To create new thought patterns that are congruent with health, success and happiness
  • Spiritually:  To reconnect with the Source of Life and embodying your highest Self
  • Wu Tao stimulates both sides of your brain into action.
  • It balances your body, mind and spirit.. and this results in real benefits.

In Wu Tao You Learn How To....

  • Let Go

    The Air Dance stimulates Qi flow through your Lung and Large Intestine Channels, the ones responsible for helping you let go of what you don’t need physically and emotionally. There’s nothing like the feeling of being fully present and free from the past.

  • Restore your Life Energy

    The Water Dance stimulates Qi flow through your Kidney and Bladder. These organs are responsible for building and storing vital energy. We will teach you how to build your energy through this beautiful dance.

  • Create What You Want

    The Wood Energy in the body is responsible for free flowing Qi and Blood. If it’s blocked you won’t have access to the energy you need to create and express yourself! We’ll teach you how to free up this blocked energy and get you on purpose with your life through the energetic Wood dance!

  • Transform Yourself From the Inside Out

    The Element of Fire is the Great Transformative Energy. It stimulates Qi flow through the Heart which houses your beautiful radiant spirit. The Fire Dance will help you transform EVERYTHING that holds you back from resting in peace. This Dance is incredibly joyful and fun.

  • Appreciate Everything and Trust Life Implicitly

    There is a place inside you that knows Life is a Gift. Through the prayerful Earth Dance you will come to truly trust that Life loves you and you are always supported to grow into more peace, abundance and joy. This dance stimulates Qi flow through the Spleen and Stomach and will bring you to a place of deep inner stillness, peace and gratitude.

“After 18 years.. I now have feeling back!”

After 18 years of numbness in left hand & upper arm due to lymph node removal – I now have feeling back. I came to Wu Tao in an effort to free my spirit – this has worked – I feel Free” Favourite dance – “The Fire Dance! It empties the rubbish, cleanses me from my week and replenishes my spirit”

Cherie, New Zealand

Wu Tao classes are now held all over the world and the feedback from participants is all the same. Wu Tao has given them great healing and health benefits. You can find a teacher in Germany, Uk, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, US, Croatia, Singapore and Chile and more.

But I know it's not always easy to get to a class and finding a teacher in your local area can be difficult sometimes

And that’s why I’ve created…
The Wu Tao Self Healing Homestudy Course

So you can practise and heal in the sanctuary of your own home.
I’ve spent a lot of time creating this homestudy. I wanted to make sure I included absolutely everything you might need to learn these beautiful, gentle dances.. and heal yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Here’s what you get with your Wu Tao Self Healing Homestudy Course

  • Wu Tao – Dancing the Elements Beginner’s DVD

    Learn each of the dance movements with this easy to follow DVD. Join me as I guide you through each of the 5 core element dances of Air, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth.
    Having this DVD means you can pause, rewind and replay as often as you like. There’s no time limit on your learning so you can go at your own pace.

  • Dancing The Elements Audio MP3

    All the beautiful, original music used for each of the Wu Tao dances is found on this audio CD. This music has been composed by Steve Richter, specifically for Wu Tao. He’s combined his musical expertise with his deep sense of the spiritual to create a wonderfully diverse selection of music that perfectly expresses the mood and quality of each element through every piece.

  • “Dancing the Elements” eBook

    How to Dance Yourself to Physical and Spiritual Health with Wu Tao. This beautifully written eBook describes what Wu Tao is and how to use it to improve your health and vitality. It contains photographic illustrations of the dance movements, dietary advice, exercises, and meditations that will help restore your physical, mental and spiritual balance.

  • 8 x Weekly eClasses sent directly to your email

    These lessons will guide you, step-by-step through each of the dances and meditations in the course, giving you a deep understanding of how the dances work, how they connect up to all the organs, and how each dance works specifically to improve the quality of function in your body.
    Not only will you learn what you need to do, you’ll also understand exactly why you are doing each of the dances.


  • Dedicated “questions and answers” section

    with answers to all your frequently asked questions. This is always being updated so send in any questions you might have and we’ll post the answer right there.

  • Access to our Exclusive Facebook Group

    Covering everything Wu Tao and beyond. Forge new friendships and feel supported by your fellow Wu Tao members.

  • Access to video material

    so you can practise the dances wherever you are. From your laptop, iPad and so on.BONUS: Additional “easy” versions of the dances are housed on the site. So you can really go at your own pace when you’re learning. (Note: This is helpful for people with limited movement or movement restrictions)

  • All the Audios

    are also on the EXCLUSIVE “Members Only” site. Plus additional meditations, as well as podcasts describing how the elements work and how to use that information to put into practise so you get a deep understanding and experience of the dance material.

  • Monthly Newsletters

    delivered to your inbox including important Wu Tao updates, tips and techniques, and articles to help you create balance in every aspect of your life.


    Access to additional courses at a discounted “Members Only” price. Continue your healing and learning with discounted access to courses such as: Food Medicine, Inner Transformation, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and more

  • Lifetime membership and access to our EXCLUSIVE “Members Only” website

    The perfect pairing with your Wu Tao Self Healing Homestudy because with Wu Tao you journey for yourself, but not by yourself. Here you’ll find the “hub” of Wu Tao. A welcoming community of like-minded people to share your experiences with.

This homestudy can be done to fit
any schedule, anytime, anywhere

It’s simple, easy, profoundly effective, and will give you:


Emotional and mental balance

Increased physical well-being

The ability to flow with Life as it manifests

Increased energy levels, (as blocked energy frees up in the body)

The ability to trust in Life and in your own process

The Inner strength to move through difficult situations both internal and external without resistance

Awareness of your purpose in life and the ability to create and live your dream life

A deep experience of inner peace that lasts.

Better focus and concentration

And increased coordination

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And as well as all that, I want to give you these
helpful, healing bonuses.. absolutely free!


    2 x Individual health mentoring sessions* with a Licensed Wu Tao Instructor
    (Valued at $300)

    Perfect to help you move through any difficulties you may encounter as you do the course. *Via email, Skype or phone.

  • BONUS #2

    A guide to healthy eating following the 5 element system (Valued at $37)

    Having a diet that’s balanced, colourful and delicious helps to increase your ‘energy’ and thus your health and wellbeing.

    This guide will teach you how to eat in harmony with the seasons and bring your body into balance following the Chinese medicine approach of increasing Qi energy and toning the organs with specific foods.

  • BONUS #3

    Surrender to Heart DVD
    (Valued at $39)

    Take the next step in your Wu Tao learning experience. Here I’ll teach you the beautiful Tao and Surrender Dances as well as help you refine your technique with advanced movements for the 5 element dances. You’ll enjoy renewed vitality and energy and the experience of deep inner peace and surrender.

  • BONUS #4

    Stress relief self-massage guide
    (Valued at $27)

    Learn self-massage techniques that you can use anytime to reduce stress and tension. This easy to learn routine takes only 10 minutes to do.

    You will learn all the pressure points on your face and body that will stimulate your immune system, balance your Qi and restore deep relaxation.

  • BONUS #5

    Return to Love meditation package
    (Valued at $79)

    Are you encountering difficulties or challenges in your life right now? You’re not the only one. Humanity is undergoing an upgrade! We’re being challenged to come home to “Who We Are” and our true nature is Love.

    This meditation program will give you tools to help you remember yourself as Love, and live your life from this knowing.

  • BONUS #6

    Meditations for the Elements pack
    (Valued at $79)

    Every element in Chinese Medicine has a purpose, a quality and a gift for you. Nature can teach us how to live in balance, joy and peace.

    These meditations with music by Steve Richter will take you on a journey through each of the natural elements within your own body and mind for deep inner healing and transformation.

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Who my Wu Tao Self-Healing Homestudy is for

My Wu Tao Self-Healing Homestudy is perfect for people who:

  • Suffer from physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health issues
  • Are troubled by the effects of stress, anxiety, or depression
  • Don’t want to put up with any more joint pain, stiffness, inflexibility or other physical problems
  • Want to improve their health and well-being
  • Have an interest in spiritual and personal growth
  • Love to dance and express themselves
  • Would like to find an exercise that increases their overall wellbeing
  • Wish they had more energy and motivation
  • Have a strong desire for connection and community

Wu Tao is the way to restore peace, balance and beauty to ourselves and the world. 

When we dance Wu Tao we embody the very qualities inherent in our true nature.

We become One with the healing life force energy,

We become the change, transformation, and growth we seek.”

Who my Wu Tao Self-Healing Home Study Course is NOT for..

My Wu Tao Self-Healing Homestudy is NOT for people who:

  • Believe all their problems can be solved by popping a pill
  • Secretly enjoy feeling unwell and having little niggles of pain, because it means people give them attention and sympathy
  • Don’t have a deep connection to humanity and the environment

So now you might be thinking..

“Okay Michelle, sounds wonderful!
But how much is it going to cost?”

I don’t know about you, but these days I feel as though everything out there seems to be about making money.

The big guys getting what they want from someone and then tossing them aside.

What a horrible, horrible way to live!

That’s not what I’m about.

In fact..the very thought of it makes my skin crawl!


Wu Tao is a labour of love for me.

It’s healed me and touched my life in ways I can’t even describe and I know it will do the same for you.

So how do you put a price on that?

This is something that I’ve really deliberated over.

You see this course will give you the same experience that you would get from a 4-day Intensive Workshop with me. And that costs at least $899..

(People still tell me I’m not charging enough!)

But I want my Wu Tao Self Healing Homestudy Course to be available at a price everyone can afford.

I know it’s worth at least $600, with all the time and work I’ve put into refining it over the years.

But I still think that’s too much to charge..

Even $399 didn’t feel right.

That’s why you can get my
Wu Tao Self-Healing Homestudy for just:

2 easy payments of $97
(Total $194 ex tax & postage)

That way it’s easy and affordable for you,
and I can continue to grow Wu Tao so it helps even more people.
Everyone wins!

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But make sure you order right away..


Well you see I only have a limited amount of instructors available for mentoring.

And they’ve each kindly offered to do 2 − 4 mentoring sessions.

..and once they’re all booked up, I’ll be taking that bonus down.

So if you order now, you’ll be guaranteed to
receive your bonus one-on-one mentoring sessions..

But if you wait I can’t promise they’ll be here when you come back to order later.

Make sense?

So the best thing to do is order your Wu Tao Self-Healing Homestudy right now.

Still not sure?

Like with anything we find new and unfamiliar, we like to try and relate it back to something we know.

So to help you out, here are some answers to questions I’m commonly asked about Wu Tao:

“Is Wu Tao like Tai Chi?” +

While having the same benefits as Tai Chi moves, Wu Tao tones the body more, stretching out every muscle and joint gently and easily.

“Is Wu Tao like Nia, Chakra Dance, 5 Rhythms, and so on..?” +

No. These are all free form styles and don’t offer the same healing, choreographed form of dance with beautiful original music composed to restore peace, energy and balance at every level

“What Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities does Wu Tao use?” +

Though it doesn’t use any of these modalities specifically, Wu Tao is similar to:

Tai Chi

Chi Gung



Because it works by stimulating the flow of Qi (life force energy) through the body.

“Do I have to be in shape to do Wu Tao?” +

No, not at all. Wu Tao is very gentle and suitable for all ages and shapes.
Wu Tao is also an effective form of exercise for people with movement restrictions or other physical challenges.

“But I’m not a dancer..” +

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never danced before. You can do Wu Tao with 2 left feet! I promise.

“Am I too old/young to do Wu Tao?” +

Absolutely not! It doesn’t matter what age you are.. Wu Tao works for everyone. We have people between the ages of 18 - 75 in our regular classes. In fact it’s offered in both primary schools and nursing homes! So you really are never too old or too young to benefit from Wu Tao.

“Do I need any special equipment?” +

You don’t need any special equipment to do Wu Tao. You may like to use a towel or a blanket to lie on for the relaxation meditation at the end of the dances.. but I’m sure you have those in your home already!

More Feedback from Happy Wu Tao Students

100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

I want you to feel 100% comfortable about ordering your Wu Tao Self-Healing Homestudy

That’s why I’m offering a 100% Money Back “NO RISK” Guarantee

Here’s how it works:

If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with your Wu Tao Self-Healing Homestudy, send it back immediately and I will give you 100% of your money back – no questions asked.

PLUS I’ll let you keep all of the bonuses as my gift for giving my Wu Tao Self-Healing Homestudy a try.

In fact, I insist you ask for your money back if you’re unhappy because I would hate for anyone to feel like they’d been cheated.

So now you don’t have to worry because you know you’re covered by my100% Money Back “NO RISK” Guarantee

So what happens next?

Well all you need to do now is click the order button below and your Wu Tao Self-Healing Homestudy will be sent to you right away!

And remember, there’s only a limited amount of one-on-one mentoring sessions available so you don’t want to wait and risk missing out.

Click the order button now.

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Here’s a reminder of everything you get
in your Wu Tao Self-Healing Homestudy

  • Step By Step Training

    Wu Tao Self-Healing Homestudy, includes:

    “Dancing the Elements” Beginner’s DVD

    “Dancing the Elements” eBook

    “Dancing The Elements” Audio Mp3

    8 x Weekly eClasses sent directly to your email

    Lifetime membership and access to our EXCLUSIVE “Members Only” website

    PLUS: Access to additional courses at a discounted “Members Only” price.

    Monthly newsletters delivered to your inbox

                     Valued at: $599.00                   Your Price  2 x $97 ($194)



    2 x Individual mentoring sessions* with a Licensed Wu Tao Instructor

    Valued at: $300.00                   Your Price:  Free


  • BONUS #2

    A guide to healthy eating following the 5 element system

    Valued at: $37.00                   Your Price:  Free

  • BONUS #3

    Surrender to Heart DVD

    Valued at: $39.00                   Your Price:  Free

  • BONUS #4

    Stress relief self-massage guide

    Valued at: $27.00                   Your Price:  Free

  • BONUS #5

    Return to Love meditation package

    Valued at: $79.00                   Your Price:  Free

  • BONUS #6

    Meditations for the Elements Mp3 pack

    Valued at: $79.00                   Your Price:  Free

  •  Value:                                  $1110.00

     Your Price:                           2 x $97

     You Save:                          $916

It will be my absolute pleasure and joy to serve you through this course. I promise to hold your hand throughout your learning journey! I know you will love the benefits Wu Tao will bring to your life. Start your journey today and enjoy the wonderful experience of the Self Healing Home Study Course. 

In joy and healing,


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