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Wu Tao is perfect for working people, busy people, parents, seniors, and for  all people dealing with STRESS, depression, arthritis, diabetes and many other chronic health problems.  Based on the same principles as Tai Chi and Chi Gong, Wu Tao is dance therapy that works for everyone!

We are devoted to helping thousands of busy people benefit from a little Wu Tao Dance every day. The DVD teaches the simple, yet beautiful flowing movements, done to evocative music. This is the easy and fun way to learn Wu Tao at home.

Wu Tao Dance has been referred to as ‘dance yoga in motion’, it is an energising, natural dance meditation and a powerful way to relaxation, increased focus and concentration.  It is done to beautiful relaxing music that encourages deep states of stillness and meditation.

We offer the Wu Tao DVD packages so that it can be done to fit any schedule, anytime, and anywhere. It is simple, easy and profoundly effective.

It can make a big difference for healthy, but very busy people as well as the elderly, children and people with health problems.

Benefits include: stress relief, better focus and concentration, increased flexibility, improved strength, enhanced immune system, better balance, improved memory, improved circulation, and increased coordination.  It is an easy and fun way to manage stress and its related conditions.

Take a few moments and choose the right products for your needs. You may call us at any time for assistance. We provide a high level of support and look forward to being a positive part of your life for years to come.