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Kate O’Hara

With a group whose ages ranged from 22 years to 44 years, it was hard to find a team building activity that would be suitable for all on both a mental and physical level. Wu Tao presented something new that the team had not tried and so would place all into a new space that was essential for breaking down interpersonal barriers. Wu Tao achieved all we hoped for and more in a team workshop environment. Every participant could do each dance and all felt they were not really exerting themselves too much, and it was FUN! The couple dance built trust levels and the expressive movements placed us all into a really creative space for tackling work challenges. Several participants are now converts to Wu Tao and I am sure we will be finding ourselves doing more Wu Tao in our own gym at work. Thanks Michelle – great program for a team that has grown from the experience.

Kate O'HaraGroup Marketing Manager Hawaiian Pty Ltd