I am less grumpy & I feel more relaxed after doing a Wu Tao class. My Favorite Dance is Wood. It is very relaxing & fun

I have better co-ordination. Favorite dance – Air dance. I love feeling free

I feel uplifted after every session… Favorite dance ‘Tao.Dance’ It flows very nicely – although I like all of them in my own way

After 18 years of numbness in left hand & upper arm due to lymph node removal – I now have feeling back. I came to Wu Tao in an effort o free my spirit – this has worked – I feel Free. Favorite dance – fire. It empties the rubbish, cleanses me from my week […]

With a group whose ages ranged from 22 years to 44 years, it was hard to find a team building activity that would be suitable for all on both a mental and physical level. Wu Tao presented something new that the team had not tried and so would place all into a new space that […]

The Wu Tao class I attended with Ulla was absolutely wonderful! We are part of everything and today I woke up feeling so grateful. I’m so glad to have together two passions of my life, the chinese medicine and dance. Thanks Michelle. I haven’t met you yet but I already have a deep respect and […]

I came to Wu Tao with no preconceptions or expectations and fell into a delightful interplay of light and shadow with my partner, myself, the room and everyone in it. The energy was infectious and totally natural. I felt alive, fresh and recharged…. All the cliches but more than that, full of laughter. My body […]

Most of all , I trust Wu Tao…the concept of Chi has long been a part of my life. I have practiced Tai Chi. But I am also a fitness leader in Australia and I understand the subtlety of the stretches in the 5 dances and the soundness of Wu Tao as an exercise. I […]

Dear Michelle, I have had feedback from the staff who were present (at the Wu Tao Classes held by Karen Armstrong) and it is extremely good. Some of the residents enjoyed the classes immensely. T, one of our younger residents benefited greatly and it was a great comfort to him… The music and gentle repetitive […]