Our comprehensive Instructor Training Program will give you all the skills you need to facilitate and teach Wu Tao Dance

The Full Training contains of 3 Training Modules. On successful completion you can apply for your teaching license and join our wonderful Community of Wu Tao Instructors through the Instructor’s Circle

Level 1: Foundation Course

You might be wondering how do I get started?

Study The Foundation Course Online

We understand the difficulties in getting to a face to face course. Luckily the internet and technology has provided our world with new innovative ways of learning!  You can complete the course successfully in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace with our online course structure.  You can fit it in easily around your other important priorities such as children, partners and work commitments.

The Foundation Training is a perfect starting place to start your learning journey and introduce Wu Tao to your community and clients.


  • The Five Core Element Dances

This course will introduce you to the 5 element dances used in Wu Tao.  Throughout the training you will be deepening into your own practice of the dances and experiencing powerful inner changes as you complete each exercise in the training.

  • The Wu Tao Warm Up Process

The course will teach you a series of breathing and stretching exercises to warm up your body before moving into more vigorous movement with the dances.

  • The Stretch Dance Relax™ Routine.

All the training material to learn this simple beginner’s class format.

  • The Core Wu Tao Meditations>

You will delve deep into the heart of your Wu Tao practice through a series of meditations especially designed to reconnect you to the source of energy in your body and mind.  At this stage of your learning journey you will learn to deliver 2 core meditations to share with others.

  • The Stretch Dance Relax Program

The Stretch Dance Relax Program is a wonderful way for you to be introduced to the benefits of movement and meditation to restore health and inner peace. It was originally developed for seniors and will teach you a simple routine that you can use for people in all kinds of environments.  In this module you will cover the following subjects and learn the routines and processes to be used in a Wu Tao Stretch and Relax ™  class.

  • Introduction to Wu Tao  What is Wu Tao? How does it work? Where did it come from.
  • Why Dance?  Research on the benefits of dance and music.
  • Chinese Medicine Overview  Introduction to meridian pathways and correspondences, including the emotions, organs and seasons.
  • Self Massage Routine.  A gentle routine that can be done by the client themselves while following the guidance of an instructor.
  • Breathing and Relaxation exercises.  An easy exercise to wake up the body and increase oxygen flow.
  • Wisdom Dance routine  A dance that incorporates all the 12 main meridian pathways in an easy to follow  routine that can be done standing, sitting or with the use of a walking frame.
  • Wu Tao Deep Peace Meditation  One of Wu Tao’s core relaxation meditations that will bring your clients to a relaxed and peaceful state of being.
  • Community Class format  We give you a 4 week format to help you share the classes within your community with confidence.

The Course In Transformation

Using the 5 elements as a guide, The Course in Transformation takes you through a powerful process of inner reflection and transformation. As you fully embody the Wu Tao Dances you gain deep personal awareness and insights that will serve your life journey forever.

You will learn how to integrate and apply the principles and philosophy of Wu Tao at a personal level and gain the ability to share these Wu Tao principles and philosophies in a way that resonates with your own personal integrity and truth.

We introduce you to processes that use art, movement, breath, dance and prayer that bring you to a deep understanding of the content of your subconscious mind AND most importantly reconnect you to the Truth of Who You Are.

Every exercise, dance and meditation takes you into the heart of the life energy, unblocking its flow within your body and mind. The entire process is as natural and gentle as nature herself expressed through the Tao.

Here’s what you will receive when you enrol in the Foundation Course: +

  • Bi-weekly emails guiding you through each exercise on the course to keep you motivated and on track with the training
  • A downloadable training manual so you can study at your own pace if you choose.
  • All the dance videos, training audios and meditations downloads available online 24/7 for your practice and learning.
  • Physical copy of all the material needed to complete the course successfully, Including DVD’s Music CD, Book and training manuals. shipped to your door.
  • Unlimited support and mentoring via phone, email and skype.

What will this Training Give You?

The single most important benefit of Wu Tao you gain from the Foundation Training is it brings you home to your Self.

Let us explain.

It’s a joyous journey where you shed old energy patterns and reclaim life force energy that may have previously been unavailable to you.

If you have lost, forgotten or put yourself aside for any reason beforehand, this course enables you to come back to that which you have always been, using the beautiful gentle method of Wu Tao.  The true gift of the Dancing Way.

You will also become eligible for accreditation as a Wu Tao Stretch Dance Relax™ Facilitator

On successful completion of the Foundation Training which includes submission of all course assignments and the completion of 10 hours of community practice classes, you will then be able to present and teach the Wu Tao Stretch Dance Relax™ Program within your community.  This program is suitable to share with groups and individuals in aged care, health support and other community organisations.

Course Fee: $1200 + GST

Level 2: Embodiment Course

Take your learning experience to the next level

The best teachers in any discipline are those who ‘walk their talk.’ This training will take you on a challenging learning journey, to emerge on the other side with the insight and skills required to not only teach the Wu Tao technique but fully support your students through their own healing process.

You will delve deep into the philosophy, history and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine and come to an understanding of what it is and how to harness the benefits of Chinese Medicine in your Wu Tao practice.

Becoming a Wu Tao Instructor is a way for you to bring balance and peace to your community.

Who are the people that you are most passionate about working with? Wu Tao offers programs in schools, retirement villages and corporate business. This course will introduce you to the modified movement sequences that will enable you to teach Wu Tao to people of all ages including children, those with special needs and the older person.

In the Embodiment Course you will develop your teaching skills while continuing to transform your own life through the dance process. +

In the training you will learn:

  • How to teach Wu Tao successfully so your students have a deep and healing experience
  • All the warm up routines, meditations, exercises and therapeutic processes to teach in your classes
  • The movements, benefits and teaching points for all the Wu Tao dances
  • The advanced movement sequences for the Wu Tao dances including the Tao and Surrender Dances
  • The modified movement sequences for the dances for people with movement difficulties (ie elderly, disabled)
  • The principles of meditation and relaxation and how to teach both within a Wu Tao class
  • The Foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine and what information to share with your students.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Course

Through the combination of lectures, practical application and experiential work, we guide you to an understanding of Chinese Medicine so you can begin to integrate these principles into your Wu Tao teaching practice and daily life.

Covered in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Course:

  • Taoist philosophy,
  • The concept of Qi,
  • Dynamics of Yin/Yang,
  • The Five Element Theory.

You also learn all about:

  • The Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts of Organ theory and their related functions,
  • The Meridian Pathways and locations
  • The basic diagnostic principles used in TCM.
  • This course helps you integrate the Chinese Medicine System with your dance practice  and gain a deep understanding of the energetic nature of the dances.

Theory and Practice of Wu Tao Dance

To teach Wu Tao correctly you need to understand the form, technique and structure of each dance. In this module we will define and explain all the dances, including the Tao and Surrender dances, the modified format for older people and the advanced dances.  You learn all the meditation and warm ups required to teach Wu Tao and hone your skills in developing suitable class structures for your students. In this module you clarify and integrate all the Wu Tao Dance material in preparation for the final Training Intensive and practicum.

Here’s what you will receive when you enrol in the Embodiment Training:

  • Physical copy of all the material needed to complete the course successfully, Including DVD’s Music and Meditation CD’s , workbooks and training manuals. shipped to your door.
  • Downloadable training manuals so you can study at your own pace if you choose.
  • All the dance videos, training audios and meditations downloads available online 24/7 for your practice and learning.
  • Unlimited support and mentoring via phone, email and skype.

30 Hour Practicum

To complete Module 2 Embodiment Course successfully you are required to complete 30 hours of student class practice, 2 case studies and submit the log book.

Course Cost: $1200 + GST

Level 3: Mastery Training

7 Day Retreat Intensive completes your training

Seven Day Training Retreat

A 7 day face to face training that encompasses the practical and theoretical methods of teaching Wu Tao effectively. It is strongly recommended that you start the other components of the course before participating in this training to enable you to receive the maximum benefit from the material covered.


Approved Training Provider

  • Wu Tao is recognised by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists as a healing modality, and Wu Tao International is an IICT Approved Training Provider.

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