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5 Easy Stretches to Balance the Energy in your Body

dakmakkohoHow would you like to learn some simple stretches that increase your energy AND your flexibility at the same time?

Introducing the Makko Hos Stretches!

These are a series of 5 easy stretches that balance the Qi energy in the body. According to my Shiatsu teachers, these were developed by Shizuto Masunaga, A Zen Shiatsu master. I studied and taught his style for many years. The BEST form of Shiatsu in my opinion because it is meridian/channel based and so beautiful to receive.

The Makko Ho stretches are designed to both strengthen and improve organ function while opening the meridians, or energy pathways in the body.

The Meridian System

Each meridian is connected to an organ and further connected to a particular element, season, color and emotion (to name a few). If practiced regularly, the Makko Hos create supple health and a profound sense of peace and balance throughout the body.

One of the many gifts of the Makko Hos is how they reveal the state of balance and flow in the body. Depending on the degree of ease and flexibility you experience with each stretch, you can learn a lot about your body both structurally and psychologically.

For example, if someone has stagnant energy in their liver and gall bladder meridians, the emotion of anger is usually present for them. If someone has been suffering from grief, the lung and large intestine Makko Ho stretch can provide nurturing support for easing their emotional burden.

Every Wu Tao Dance class begins with the Makko Ho stretches to warm and open up the body as we prepare to dance.

In the video below you can join Anna, our wonderful New York Instructor and do the stretches along with her.

Feel free to pause the video and spend some time in each stretch, staying centred in your breath.

The benefits from the stretches come through the relaxation into each one. No pushing or forcing or trying is needed. Just nice deep breathes and relax into each position.



Come and join us at a class and experience these and the beautiful Wu Tao dances for a complete restoration of your Vital energy. You can find your closest instructor here