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Back to Balance Retreat

Have you been feeling overwhelmed in this busy, hectic world? Struggling to find ways to manage your chronic illness or pain? Looking for a long-term technique to maintain inner peace and mental health?

It’s time to allow yourself to find clarity, peace with every breath and joy in every movement…

It’s time to come Back to Balance.

In picturesque Singapore, a Wu Tao retreat is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. We design programs that nourish you from the inside out…

Our philosophy to health takes its roots from the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to healing.

Our retreats allow you to experience this century’s old approach to health and healing in a uniquely contemporary way.

We move together in the dances of Air, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth to ignite your Qi and allow its energy to flourish within your body.  

The movements are gentle and kind to your body and help calm a busy mind. If this is your first experience with Wu Tao, I’ll be there to guide you to confidence.

You’ll connect with a community of women who love dance, have overcome their own challenges and believe strongly in the power of self-care.

Each day of the Back to Balance Retreat has been designed to lead you to your joy. You’ll experience workshops, classes, relaxation, rejuvenation and discover:

+ A lasting healthy practice in the 5 core element dance

+ Reflection and meditation in a safe and beautiful environment

+ New meaningful connections with like-minded people

+ A nourishing break to recharge your mind and soul

+ Introduction to Tao and Surrender dances

+ A renewed sense of confidence and strong mental foundation when you return home.


If you’re look to find solid ground in all the stress and chaos life can throw at you, we would love to welcome you to find balance at our retreat.

If you’re looking for a natural, peaceful way to restore and grow your health mentally, physically and spiritually, we would love to welcome you to connect with yourself at our retreat

If you’re looking for a holiday that provides a true break, we would love to welcome you to find serenity at our retreat.

This retreat is perfect for those seeking an introduction to Wu Tao with one-on-one support, as well as experienced Wu Tao Dancers who are looking for an opportunity to reconnect and recharge.

So, will you join us in Singapore on June 10 + 11?

Discover more about the Wu Tao Back to Balance here…

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