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How to give and receive abundance with the Earth Element

Have you found yourself feeling unbalanced lately? Has the change of seasons impacted your health?

Change in weather can impact our meridians, our thoughts and our Chi.

When your Earth Element is unbalanced you are caught in a cycle of overthinking.

Anxious thoughts can block you from all the beauty life has to offer you and skew you from seeing the things you really need.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Through movement and connecting with your body through a practice like Wu Tao dance, you learn to let go of these spiralling thoughts.

In loving yourself and sharing that love with the world around you, you can start to release doubt.

In trusting in who you are and the decisions you make, you are breaking free of the thoughts that keep you stuck.

The Earth provides you with all the life, love and energy you need to sustain yourself. From the crops that feed our soul to the ocean that cleanses, mother nature has provided all you need.

But you need to be receptive to that energy.

You need to open up and allow the nourishing QI flow through you. Surrender and bathe in it, let it foster inner peace.  

Receiving in abundance does not mean grasping and forcing more into your life.

It is about letting you body and mind relax into possibility.

This calm allows you to recognise and accept the things you truly need.

The Earth Element keeps you grounded while connecting you to life energy and allowing you to move forward.

When your Earth Element is balanced your energy stores are full. When you are depleted you are able to replenish yourself using the earth as your source.

One way you can replenish your mind, body and soul is do this is through movement and dance.

Are you ready to try this yourself? This exercise will allow you to relax and receive.




Earth Meditation in Nature

Take yourself to a place where you can consciously connect with the Earth element. Go out into your garden or sit in a park.

Find a place where you can sit on the earth.  A place that feels nourishing and supportive.

Open yourself up to the Earth energy.  Invite it to you by saying a prayer, or singing a song to the element.

You can make up your own or use our song:

Earth Song

I am the Earth, the Earth is me,

One with the Earth, I am free.

Once you have drawn the energy from the earth into yourself you give thanks.

How do you feel now? Let us know!

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