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How to restore with true relaxation

Ever have one of those days where you come home from work with sore feet and your mind overwhelmed? You just want to switch off, plant face first into your pillow or watch something that will distract you.

Before you do, do yourself a favour and take ten to twenty minutes to recharge with meditation.

Meditation is a relaxation technique that  gives your body respite from the your day, through it you become able to unwind from your emotional and physical labour.

When life gets busy, taking time to sit and be still seems impossible. But it’s through meditation that you’ll be able to experience true relaxation.

In Wu Tao, we work towards restoring balance between you and the ceaseless energy of the universe.

We provide you with a guided and systematic approach to calming the body and the mind.

When you relax both your mind and body you are opening up yourself to source energy and let it flow through you.  

Allowing your mind time to truly relax through meditation is the fastest way to increase your life energy or Qi.

Spending time in meditation is the fastest way to experience bliss.

Practicing meditation everyday or every couple of days gives you a chance to let go of anxious thoughts, ruminate on the past or feel concern for the future.

If your mind is buzzing after a long day then empty your mind and focus on your breathing.

Letting go of these thoughts mean you can replace them with thoughts of peace, gratitude, release and forgiveness.

So, let’s try a Wu Tao Mediation.

Find a quiet spot where you can lie down or sit comfortably on the floor or on a chair.

Spend a few minutes observing your breathing.  Relax deeply with each exhale until you feel peaceful and grounded.  Empty your mind of thoughts of the past and future.

Imagine that you are slipping into neutral gear, not going forward or backward in time, just resting in the present moment.

Read our river meditation and find your flow.

River Meditation

Breathing in and out.

Relaxing into the ground as you breathe out.  Let go.  Relax.

Now just imagine you are floating on the surface of a great river.

The river is carrying you along.  Across the landscape.

Past the hills and mountains, through the valleys, through forests.

Flowing with the river.

The more you relax and let go, the more you can feel the River supporting you,

Holding you, carrying you along.

Very relaxed and peaceful.

No time or space.  Just you and the river flowing together.

Home in the River.

Very still.  Very peaceful.

Deep Peace.


How did you feel afterwards? Let me know in the comments below.