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Nourish your soul by immersing yourself in a moment of stillness.

“To understand the immeasurable, the mind must be extraordinarily quiet, still.” Jiddu Krishnamurti

Your mind and soul are not designed to have constant stimulation.

When we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often forget that to live fully. We need to look after our health and seek inner calm.

It’s essential to take time out to find stillness in our everyday life.

To allow ourselves the opportunity to break free from the toing and froing and seek calm.

Now, I know this sounds a lot simpler than it really is.

When we are stressed, we often look for ways to tighten the reigns but freedom comes when you loosen your grip. You cannot fix stress with stress.

To begin to let go, repeat to yourself “slow, slow, slow.” Give your mind the prompt it needs to unravel, even just a few minutes.

Stillness is part of Taoist philosophy. It is also one of Wu Tao’s core principles:

Life is like a river.  We cannot push the flow of the river.

The philosophy of stillness is all about rest, reflection and letting go. It’s about accepting the things you cannot change and letting go of the tight grip you have on everything.

When you rest your mind you are giving yourself distance and a more rounded perspective.  

You can hone in on what is truly meaningful and important. It helps you channel love, joy and energy into your life.

Slowing down a busy mind takes practice. But like any skill, the more you try the easier it will be to align your energy and find balance.

We have designed this stillness meditation to help you experience a moment of calm.

I invite you to try it….

Experience a meditation exercise.

       + Find a quiet space to lie down where you won’t be disturbed for half an hour.
Lie on the floor. Make yourself comfortable with a pillow and blanket if needed.

       + Take your awareness to your breath.
As you breathe, gently let go of tension with each out breath. Consciously release any worry as you let go of your breath. Release all physical tension and pain as you let go of your breath.

       + Let go of all thoughts as you continue to breathe in and out.
When you are ready, begin to take your breath into your belly. After a few breaths, as you breathe out, imagine that the energy from your belly is flowing out into the rest of your body.

       + Become aware of the quality of this energy.
Feel it flowing into every part of your body, into every cell. Imagine that every cell is filling up with this energy. Feel the aliveness and tingling as each cell is awakened.

       + Feel the energy in each part of your body.
Into your legs and arms, your hands, your feet, your back, your neck and your head. Feel the energy flowing into your skin.

       + Now bring your awareness back to your breath.
With each breath feel the expansion of the energy within your body. Allow the energy to move as it needs to.

       + When you are ready, bring your breathing back to your belly.
Feel the stillness in your centre.  At the same time be aware of your whole body and the energy flowing through it.

How do you feel after? Let us know in the comments below!

If you’re wanting a more guided approach to discovering stillness, we welcome you to try a Wu Tao class. Find an Instructor near you or get in touch with your questions.